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Voyage Of Christopher Columbus Essay

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As some of you may already know our very own Spanish- Italian navigator, Christopher Columbus, is planning to embark on an impeccable journey in search of a shorter route to Asia. I, Martín Alonso Pinzón, being one of the most prominent sailors and navigators of Spain, strongly encourage you to accompany us on this world changing expedition. We as Europeans in the fifteenth century, are beginning to embark on a series of global explorations that will introduce a new chapter in world history. By becoming a member of this voyage, together we can familiarize our fellow people of Europe to the existence of new cultures worldwide. Our embarkment is driven by multiple factors, including the importance of global trade, recent developments in European exploration, and our current knowledge of the world’s geography. How magnificent would it feel to be apart of such a significant journey in the world’s history? Just imagine yourself experiencing the age of exploration and discovery first hand. By accompanying us on this voyage, you will be known and recognized as the people who represented a new period of global interaction and interconnectivity.
With the fifteenth century coming to an end, you and I both know it is nearly impossible to reach Asia from Europe by land. This route is just too long and hard to endure, forcing us to encounter unwelcoming armies which are unfortunately unavoidable. Due to the outburst of the bubonic plaque and other deathly diseases, land routes have become far more dangerous thus beginning our search for a sea route to the Indian Ocean. Ships have been newly modified with high tech navigational instruments and more useful sails to work better with the cross winds making the voyage proceed smoothly. Unlike previous explorers, Columbus has the idea to sail west across the Atlantic instead of sailing completely around the continent of Africa. It is important we take part on this voyage because we as Europeans are all in desperate need of finding an easier route for our trading ships. With the buying and selling of goods being the main motivation of most European exploration, it is our mission as explorers to find new and useful commodities that will benefit our world as a whole. It is our goal during this expedition to transform trade by discovering maritime trade routes that will lead to immense growth in commercial activities. These maritime trade routes will serve as an alternative trade route to the Indies. Along the way we hope to find spices, silk, porcelain and other luxury goods that will benefit our country and the overall European economy. The silk and spice trade will involve various merchandise such as spices, incense, herbs, drugs, and in specific opium to help with medical needs. Would you like the opportunity to provide for your family and give them everything they desire? By coming along on this journey you will have access to some of the most expensive and demanded products needed in our country...

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