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Vulgar Rap Lyrics, Thier Causes, Effects, Etc.

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Harder, Faster, Stronger:Pushing The EnvelopePeople say that I'm a bad influenceI say the world's already fucked, I'm just addin' to itThey say I'm suicidal, teenagers' newest idol {c'mon!}C'mon do as I do, go ahead get mad and do it-Eminem (Bad Influence, End of Days Soundtrack (1999))Today's popular rap music contains what many consider to be some of the most explicit and often offensive subject matter ever contained in popular music. There is widespread controversy over the censorship of such materials, the reason for such materials, and the effects of such materials. In understanding this social issue, as with any social issue, it is important to look back through history for examples and patterns that are not merely short term anomalies, but objective sociological patterns. Music is undoubtedly very important to a large number of individuals which makes it necessary to examine influence it has on these individuals and our society as a whole. After examining these ideas it can be found that the vulgarity and explicitness of today's rap lyrics follow a long standing trend that has shown no sign of causing harm to society.One of popular music's advantages has always been it's catchy hooks, rhythmic hits, and exciting, memorable lyrics. For a band to become popular and marketable on a mainstream national marketing level, all of these must be present. This is because a song that does not leave a lasting impression on the listener will not sell well. How many songs have you heard once and forgotten immediately? Probably plenty. Of those songs you have forgotten, how many of them influenced you to buy an album? The answer is clearly and undeniably none. To ensure their success many popular lyricists have "pushed the envelope" of social many social taboos including sexual, violent, and drug-related subject matter. By doing so many musicians increase their chances of being...

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1518 words - 6 pages , “The strongest findings seem to suggest that violent themes in rap music can prime other violent thoughts” (Dixon). In other words, violent lyrics can lead to violent thoughts and actions. Rap lyrics didn’t always have messages of violence sprinkled in them. According to the article “Media Violence Causes Youth Violence,” “Studies show that modern music lyrics have become increasingly explicit, particularly concerning sex, drugs, and, most

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1645 words - 7 pages Blame?” by Emily Tanner, “Music is important in today’s society and when music becomes corrupt in its meaning then society may in turn become corrupt and immoral.” The corruptness of music today seems to be linked to the crude language and aggression found particularly in hip-hop and rap music. Some rap artists use vulgar language in their lyrics that are easily adoptable by teens (Holden). Not only have certain lyrics influenced

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5055 words - 20 pages even noticed by the rap fan because he or she has become desensitized, and does not recognizes the lyrics as being stereotypical. Each of the aforementioned effects (incidental learning, schemas and scripts, disinhibition, desensitization) contributes to the effects of violent lyrics on listeners, both separately and combined. Incidental learning causes the listener to interpret the lyrics, and the message of glorified violence shapes

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2599 words - 10 pages true poetry and emotion behind these lyrics and beats, but not everyone is willing to sit down and listen to it. They quickly judge this music genre and the immediately dislike it without giving it a second thought. Rappers pour their emotions and their souls into their songs and it really speaks to people who would stop and listen to them. Hip-Hop/Rap has evolved over time. From the early stages of Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, and others to

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2019 words - 8 pages doesn't mean that the person is considered a violent person. The controversy is that researchers believe listening to violent lyrics in music helps encourage listeners to act out violent acts. According to Erika Wittekind, less research has been conducted on whether or not violent music causes violent behavior in reality (Source A). A genre of music that some believe to be a main cause of this is gangster rap. Gangster rap is a subgenre of Hip Hop

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2536 words - 11 pages prevalence of drug use in modern music and all the subjects it shows up in. A quote from this essays is used in my paper to list a number of sources where drugs show up in modern music. It emphasizes how common drugs are becoming in the industry Salaam, Mtume ya. "The Aesthetics Of Rap." African American Review 29.2 (1995): 303. Academic Search Elite. Web. 12 Nov. 2013. Krohn, Franklin B., and Frances L. Suazo. "CONTEMPORARY URBAN MUSIC: Controversial Messages In Hip-Hop And Rap Lyrics." ETC: A Review Of General Semantics 52.2 (1995): 139-154. Academic Search Elite. Web. 14 Nov. 2013.

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1167 words - 5 pages Rap music has become one of the most distinctive and controversial music styles in the past few decades. Rap is a unique form of expression which crosses all boundaries, and is a sign that today's society is structured according to different variations among classes, groups, races, and genders. Eminem is one of many rap artists whose songs degrade women, have explicit lyrics, and promotes violence. Many people do not think rap music has a

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2180 words - 9 pages only that, the study concluded that different aspects of music cause different effects, for example, that “students exposed to [sexually violent rap music and lyrics, or sexually violent lyrics without music] were significantly more likely to view their relationships with women as more adversarial” (Roberts, et al; 2004). Some musical artists, specifically Pop and Hip-Hop artists, are trying to tackle this problem, like Hip-Hop artist, Nicki Minaj

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906 words - 4 pages Tune Out or Tune Up The average youth listens to one and a half to two and a half hours of music a day. Out of 1,461 adolescents tested with degrading music, 938 were virgins before music exposure over a time span of one to three years. Many people do not realize the effect music has on their behavior and attitude. This causes an issue because if people are un-educated of the effects, then the trend of negative music will continue. Experts

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1718 words - 7 pages this problem. These video and lyrics affect young men as much as young women. These images are providing them with an incorrect view of what is the right way to treat women. Just like young women, young boys need to be educated about the negative effects of this industry. Women have been, and continue to be, the front-runners in the change of women’s images in the rap music industry. One of the most famous efforts is Essence Magazine’s “Take

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3129 words - 13 pages the musicians would cut those offensive lyrics out of the music, young people would not have the idea of running into a school and shooting random people just to feel better about themselves. They would not get the idea to kill themselves from their favorite band. They would not be bombarded with ideas and mental pictures of raping women. Vulgar lyrics are all around in all types of music genres, from country, to rap, to rock n’ roll, to

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1432 words - 6 pages . ("Bad Rap for Rap: Bias in Reactions to Music Lyrics.") I’d like to close with this statement posted by a user on, Albert11317: “Rap, as an art form, does not affect society, it merely reflects society. RAP, tattoos, burn scarring, body piercing, violence against women and children, recreational drug use, and all of our other "social ills" are NOT causes, -- they are REFLECTIONS of what is already going on in society! To discover CAUSES

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1526 words - 7 pages University. The study investigated what causes the aggression rather than aggressive behavior itself. More research is needed, say the scientists, to identify the short-term and long-term effects of violent song lyrics. The world may never know if censorship is necessary.

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1157 words - 5 pages has negative effects on adolescents, including early sex, violent behavior, and use of drugs. Nicki Minaj, for example, the most successful female rapper of all time, is notorious for using vulgar and sexually explicit lyrics in her songs (Khalid 2). One of her songs is “Stupid Hoe,” which she begins by singing, “I get it cracking like a bad back, b****, talking like a queen, when she looking like a lab rat” (Khalid 2). She repeats the line