Vulnerability Of Computerised Accounting Information Systems To Computer Crime.

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AbstractWith the information technology development day-by-day, Computerised Accounting Information System (CAIS) plays an increasingly significant role in the successful operation of today's business. Computerised Accounting Information System has been used more and more broadly and had as much impact on organisations, but the computer crime is also an important issue related to computerised accounting information system. As the expenditures of computer spending on computer control and securities are increasing in recently years, as well as the larger proportion of companies suffers computer related losses, therefore, we can believe that the growing dependence on information technologies is making computerised accounting information systems more vulnerable to the computer crime.IntroductionAccounting, as everyone knows, plays a very important role in every organisation. In the recent times the role of accounting has gone to a much more complex level with the increase in the technology. Audit professionals have been forced to re-evaluate the approaches employed in a financial statement audit, with the traditional means fast becoming irrelevant and ineffective as computer and the automation of information systems emerge in business designs.The information systems has developed such softwares for accounting that it's just not entering the transactions but processing it to give organisations a different direction as well. With the increasing dependence of accounting on the information systems, it has exposed it to the computer crime. Computer crime can be defined as an criminal activity directly related to the use of computers, specifically illegal trespass into the computer system or database of another, manipulation or theft of stored or on-line data, or sabotage of equipment and data ( an accounting software package such as MYOB can be vulnerable to frauds if internal controls are not implemented correctly. Fraudulent activities such as unauthorised use of data, theft of inventory, theft of funds and incorrect financial reporting can be conducted by internal employees of an organisation. The consequences of security deficiencies are lost business, damaged reputation, lost assets and possibly lost trade secrets.In today's world, the organisations are spending huge amounts to keep their data secured and avoid important information of their accounts to get into wrong hands as previously companies have suffered huge losses due to computer crime. According to one of the articles on Computer Crime at, one report, made available in 1987 by the accounting firm of Ernst and Whinney, estimated that computer abuse caused between $3 billion and $5 billion in losses in the United States annually. Another survey conducted by The American Bar Association in 1987 revealed that of 300 corporations and government agencies, 72 claimed to have been the victim of...

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