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This paper takes a look into the organization of W.L. Gore & Associates by examining their unique corporate culture, their associates and teamwork, and their compensation program; as well as determining whether or not I would like to work at W. L. Gore & Associates (Module 5 Lecture Pages, n.d.). I will answer four questions that pertain to the areas above, as I discuss the interesting and unique organization of W.L. Gore & Associates.
“How is the corporate culture of Gore different than other firms” (Module 5 Lecture Pages, n.d.)?
W.L. Gore & Associates differ from other organizations because they work as self-managed teams without a supervisor; each team member is responsible to each one of their team members and to the group as a whole (W.L. Gore & Associates, 2011). Gore & Associates organization is very unique, because it does not function like a traditional organization (W.L. Gore & Associates). For instance, there are no chains of commands, they don’t follow a typical organizational chart, and there is no direct line of communication (W.L. Gore & Associates).
In essence, employees at Gore & Associates are their own bosses, and each of them have an equal say to what their team will or will not do; this helps give each team member a clear sense of purpose, as well as acts as a driving force for innovation (W.L. Gore & Associates, 2011). W. L. Gore & Associates firmly believe in their unparalleled corporate structure approach, as it has been the contributing factor in their success (W.L. Gore & Associates).
The unique organizational structure that has been implemented at W.L. Gore & Associates is in contrast to a more formal bureaucratic or hierarchical corporate structure (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009). For instance, in a bureaucratic or hierarchical structure there would be a clear and strong chain of command, as well as more control and oversight with each department and employee working for this type of an organizational structure (Kinicki & Kreitner).
W.L. Gore & Associates organizational culture likens to a clan culture and an adhocracy culture, because of its flexibility, teamwork and drive towards innovation (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009). For example, the team-based approach used by W.L. Gore & Associates correlates with the participative and family like atmosphere of a clan culture (Kinicki & Kreitner). In addition, the versatility of the self-managed teams approach offered at W.L. Gore & Associates resembles a clan culture that adheres to a flexible working environment (Kinicki & Krietner).
W. L. Gore & Associates drive towards innovation and the encouragement of independent critical thinking when making decisions correlates with an adhocracy culture (Kinicki & Krietner, 2009). Moreover, adhocracy cultures are not centralized and they encourage employees to think in an inventive and productive way; these concepts also correlate with the organizational culture at W.L. Gore & Associates. (Kinicki & Krietner).

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