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W. L. Gore & Associates “100 Best Companies To Work For”

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W. L. Gore & Associates - “100 Best Companies to Work For”
Every year Fortune Magazine lists the 100 best companies to work for. Who wouldn’t want to work at one of these companies? However for many, me included, just having a job is a relief. The current economic crisis has had a serious effect on unemployment and many people are looking for a job to make ends meet and they’ll take what they can get right now. Those of us who are lucky enough to be employed feel lucky to still have a job in this economy.
The many classes I have taken at CSUGlobal have exposed me to information on some of the best companies to work for and some of the “perks” these companies provide their employees, because they value their service. Working for the State of Colorado the perk I have is job security, but not much else.
Organizational culture is shared values and traditions that exist within an organization. One thing that stood out about Gore was their philosophy/culture that they care about employees. It sounds too good to be true. It makes me wonder if it is just hype they put on their website. However, achieving a position as a Fortune 100 Best Company to Work For has to be earned and in my study of the company, I have found it impressive.

Gore’s Culture
According to Gore “A fundamental belief in our people and their abilities continues to be the key to our success” (Our Culture, 2011). Gore has an open work environment. They call it a lattice structure whereby associates are interconnected and “free from bosses and managers” (Working in our Unique Culture, 2011).
Unlike most companies, where there is an organizational chart showing who is in charge of whom and what each individual is responsible to do. Gore does not have a corporate chart. The titles of employee and boss are gone. Everyone is an associate. At Gore the work is performed as a team and each team has a leader. Leaders are not chosen by the company, each leader is chosen by the specific team in which they work. The leader is chosen for their abilities and the respect they earn from the team. With no assigned authority you would think there would be confusion and no work would ever get done, however, Gore is constantly acknowledged for their success and the innovation of the associates.
Another important part of the culture of Gore is their vision. Gore does not look just at today; they look at the long term. We take our reputation for product leadership seriously, continually delivering new products and better solutions to the marketplaces of the world (About Gore, 2011). Long and short term views are quite different. Short term is focused on “keeping up, saving face. While long term is built on relationships and deferred gratification (Corporate Culture, n.d.). With the long term view you know your employer is not just looking at making the money and worrying about the future when it happens. A “belief in people and their abilities” (Our Culture, 2011) is not...

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