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W.L. Gore & Associates Marketing Analysis

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This research seeks to reveal the importance of marketing strategies in today’s complex and competitive business world. For this reason, this study will discuss various theories, issues and approaches of the marketing linking them with W.L. Gore & Associates and thereby propose the best options, ideas, strategies and techniques for the improvement of the company. To reach the points, this study will especially collect secondary and qualitative data and information.
Marketing is the process of searching for options for accumulating profits by identifying the demands of the people and satisfying their needs with appropriate products. In today’s globalized business world, marketing can play a vital role in establishing trade blocks all over the globe with competitive and cutting edge market, research, policies, strategies and activities.


W.L Gore is one of the biggest multinational companies of the world. The USA- based multi-national manufacturing company, which was founded by Wilbert L (Bill) in 1958, is famous for producing fluoropolymers products, especially industrial application, electronic signal transmission and medical implants. Today, the company’s business network has been spread in the globe. Nevertheless, due to some problems and issues in the company’s marketing strategies the company is failed to satisfy the customers’ demands. In the past, the company was successful and attained satisfying market shares in the market as its products were in high demand. Despite its constant efforts, it has to lose its market shares to emerging companies. Especially, the Chinese companies with innovative market strategies and affordable products have greatly threatened the market of W.L. Gore. Like this, networking, technologies and organizational structures of the company still seem to be somewhat traditional despite the company’s efforts to bring changes and improvement in them. In this scenario, it is significant to carry out research in order to find out the challenges and issues of marketing policies and strategies of the company and to recommend it some options and suggestions.


Planning principles in strategic marketing are the logical and systematic ideas and concepts, which guide and control one in formulating and implementing marketing planning. As marketing planning systematizes all efforts and activities of the company, it is necessary to develop some principles suited to dig into the prevailing market position. In this regard it is necessary to search for and find out proper principles of the planning. Also, some tools and techniques can have vital roles in making the given marketing plans strategically successful and objective-oriented.

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Marketing strategies greatly contribute to the establishment of the business organizations in...

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