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"Wag The Dog", Role Of Media.

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Politics, Media, and ManipulationCurrent events often entertain the minds of producers in Hollywood. This eventually causes them to produce a fictional movie depicting what really goes behind the scenes of political figures. The movie Wag the Dog is an excellent reference to use for theory. It emphasizes the power of media on public, power of political figures, and dependence of people on media. "Wag the Dog", although a fictional plot can manipulate and puzzle our minds and the way we think of politics today.As discussed both in class and Patterson's text, the role of media in politics is by far one of the most important factors of our politics today. As Robert DeNiro said in the movie "It's over, I just saw it on TV," we can all agree that if a news is cast on media, most people will consider it as true facts due to the fact that we trust the media. We see in this movie how the president took advantage of media and deceived the public quite easily. This alone can cause a great discomfort in public for the fact that it can be done in real life. Today, many of us rely on media for information that we can trust and consider "true", however, if this media information was to be tampered with by the involvement of government, it will lead to the public questioning of the democracy and trust of our government.Wag the Dog not only showed the power of media, it also conveyed how political officials have the power to...

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778 words - 3 pages , not decipher a main difference between declaring and going and without delay connect the word war with death, fight, fear, etc. This is the effect DeNiro `the spin-doctor' is looking for to gain support for the control of the President. Another example from Wag the Dog is when Robert DeNiro's character `Mr.Fix-it', give an opinion to the president's media advisors to "deny all rumors of a situation in Albania". They

Wag the Dog movie with Hoffman and DeNiro

752 words - 3 pages , not decipher a main difference between declaring and going and without delay connect the word war with death, fight, fear, etc. This is the effect DeNiro `the spin-doctor' is looking for to gain support for the control of the President. Another example from Wag the Dog is when Robert DeNiro's character `Mr.Fix-it', give an opinion to the president's media advisors to "deny all rumors of a situation in Albania". They

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2028 words - 8 pages the audience other than the actual story they should be reporting about.'Wag the Dog' also shows how the media are obsessed with ratings and don't care about the actual truth of the story. This is seen in the movie as the media is easily distracted with the mere mention of a B3 bomber, how they forget about the fact the President sexual abused a girl. This showing exaggeration of the intensity of the journalists needs to crack the story about the

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3056 words - 12 pages The Role of the Media in Australia Osborne and Lewis state that [a] preeminent theme in Australian thinking about the use of communication is the extent to which it has been viewed as a form of control. There has been concern in recent times of the enormous power communication holds as an agent of societal control. This is due to a number of factors, such the media mogul dominated media, which promotes a very conservative view and does not

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1254 words - 5 pages The Role of Media in the Society Media has always played a huge role in our society. For a long time media was one of the methods of controlling people and leisure. In ancient times when there was no newspapers and television, people used literature as source of information, some books like "the Iliad", and different stories about great kings, shows those people the information about them. Nowadays media is one of the

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1433 words - 6 pages The important role of mass media Mass Media play an important role in the society life. Mass media refers to a various methods of data and information on a global scale (Mujtaba, 2011). Without the role of mass media, societies cannot retrieve or know about the news around the world. When people being connected with the mass media, means that the people connected around the world. Mass media can transfer information through a media and can

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1062 words - 4 pages The role of media in globalization process Essay by Elmira Allahverdiyeva Nowadays mass media plays a key role in extension of globalization process. The media components such as television, Internet, computers etc. are considered to have a paramount influence on globalization. Also because of globalization process

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652 words - 3 pages no story to tell aside from juicy footage, so it is not really the media's job to show this. It is alright for the press to spice up a story, after all who wants to read on going generic statistics everyday, but this should be to some extent. The media's role in this time of need was to get the stories out, but make it interesting enough to keep the public involved. I think to a degree the media over-killed some stories that could have gone

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2064 words - 8 pages teachers capable and competence to perform their roles towards information literacy very well and does all school teachers really realize and understand about the roles of library media teachers? What are the teachers’ perceptions towards the role of library media teacher? The Library Association of Malaysia feels that if it is to be cost effective in supporting quality education, the person in charge of the library must be a person above of average

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871 words - 3 pages Wag The Dog            The movie starts with the President hit with the claim he had sexual relations with a firefly girl during a tour of the white house, and all this happens two weeks before the election. I'm not sure if this movie was actually based upon the Lewinsky scandal that our current president is facing, but it seems this movie came at the right time. The story is similar, as far as

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540 words - 2 pages The basic plot of 'Wag the Dog' is a scandal involving the President of the United States and the efforts of the presidential advisors to distract the people by staging a war with Albania. By using the title of war, the firefly girl was forgotten and the attention of the media and the people shifted before Election Day. The movie pokes fun at how politicians manipulate the media, as the President officials announces, "The president's visit has

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