Wagholi: Proximity To It Parks Pushing Residential Real Estate

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Wagholi is located 20 km to the East of Pune and was once known as a calm area of Pune, now it is gaining limelight due to the various developments burgeoning here. The name Wagholi is derived from the ancient temple of Lord Wagheshwar (Lord of tigers) which used to attract a load to tourists to this tiny village, but now the sole reason to visit Wagholi have changed, from temples to business and technology. In recent times, Wagholi is increasing gaining momentum as a popular residential hub in Pune, as more and more people are looking it as their end solution to finding a home, owning to the reason that it is very close to IT corridor.
Connectivity and transport
A number of factors contribute in favour of Wagholi. The Pune Airport is just 20 km and the Wathar station is around 7 km from Wagholi which makes life easier for the residents. Wagholi is also regarded as an important junction that provides access to industrial areas of Manjri, Hadaspar and Chakan (site for Pune’s new international airport). One can find government run buses MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) at regular intervals.
Wagholi is very attractive investor destination as it is not only witnessing a host of infrastructure development but is also a part of planned construction wherein Outer Ring Road is expected to pass through the area, and Kothrud to Kondhwa road is expected to get connected to Wagholi. These new roads are part of High Capacity Mass Transport Route (HCMTR) and all these planned developments tend to minimize traffic congestion in the city by 40%.
Infrastructure in Wagholi
Wagholi is an upcoming area and is witnessing a whole lot of developments and is surrounded by good and reputed educational institutions, hospitals, IT Parks and restaurants. Some of the educational institutions found in this locality are Podar International School, The Lexicon International School, Prodigy Public School, Dhole Patil International...

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