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Wait Until Your Mother Gets Home

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Mothers do not get enough credit. Weather it is a house wife or a single mom working two jobs just to keep her children fed it seems that throughout time mothers are far to underappreciated. This extends beyond just the mother, all women seem to slam into a glass sealing of some sort and television is no exception to this cruel reality. After reading Neil Postman’s Amusing ourselves to Death and Ella Taylor’s Prime Time Families, then watching sitcoms that focused on families from the nineteen-fifties until now, it is clear that women have begun to slowly break the glass sealing.
Starting off in the nineteen-sixties there is one family that jams traditional gender roles down the audience’s ...view middle of the document...

This seventies program followed the story of a young, working, single female. Do not let appearances deceive this show with a female lead my look like it has feminism written all over it but sadly that is not the case. Although the cast of the show has a female center it is the males in the show that keep stereotypical gender roles locked. The episode to prove this point is entitled “Party is Such Sweet Sorrow” that aired on January 9th 1971. The plot of the episode is irrelevant however; there is a scene where Moore’s character is being called a traitor by her boss for accepting a better paying job. The issue with this scenario is that Moore was accused of treachery, but if she where a man it would not be that big of a deal, sure the boss would be upset but he would not have accused another man of treachery, those are fighting words. Moore’s character accepts the accusation furthering the stereotype of female passivism and pulling the wool over the audience’s eyes. Things get better in the eighties however, when the all-star, sitcom family makes its debut.
The Cosby Show. So much can be said for this groundbreaking show, but gender is the focus. The Cosby Show was among the first shows that cast both husband and wife as near equals. Both had high paying jobs and neither had the final say in a decision. It was a collaborative effort. One could pull a list of episodes to point out examples of how this show was a major step forward at breaking gender roles. In nearly every episodes that features the parents of the show they are almost always working together to solve a problem or accomplish something. Speaking of mold breakers there are two final shows that help to further break the gender barriers.

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