Wake Up Call Essay

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Wake Up Call
I woke up in a fog in a room I had never seen before, unable to focus on my surroundings. As I tried to move I realized a net was holding me down and restraints on my feet and wrists kept me from being able to do so. I heard myself say, “This has got to be a dream. Where am I? Is this really happening? This has got to be a dream….” This is the story of my wake up call to my drug use, the impact it had on my relationships with my friends, family and high school in one day.
It was nearly 6:00 p.m. on August 24th, 2007 and somehow I had misplaced a half dozen hours. The last thing I remembered was looking at my cell phone, it was 12:13 p.m., and I was walking out of computer class heading to my car after fourth hour, just one of the privileges of being a senior. That was my intention anyway, just as I had done any other day, but instead, I passed out in the parking lot having overdosed on a muscle relaxant called “Soma.”
I convinced myself I did not have a problem with drugs because I had never got into trouble, until…August 24, 2007. . I had drank alcohol, tried codeine, and even experimented with Adoral, and Oxycodone, but that day I crossed an invisible line. I had taken eight somas and only remembered taking five of them. Shortly before my 1st hour class, I took two of the pills and swallowed it with Red Bull. It took 20 minutes for the drug to take effect, I began to feel lightheaded and loose feeling in my body. Going to 2nd hour was a challenge because the earth felt like it was moving side to side as I was walking to my next class. While I was sitting in the chair I got a sudden urge to take one more pill, so I did the same routine. Next, I headed to my 3rd hour class and felt like the drugs were wearing off (although the pills can last up to 4 hours), so I took two more pills and continued walking to the classroom. While waiting for the drugs to take effect, I talked to my friend Matt during class and told him about me having Somas on me. He wanted me to sell the rest of the pills to him, but...

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