Wake Up Fighting; Go To Sleep Or The Grave

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Wilfred Piton
Mrs. Solus
College Bound English (3B)
6 November 2013
Wake up fighting; Go to sleep or the grave
Violating someone’s human rights is something very wrong and should be stopped or prohibited around the world. Many of the conflicts result from change in government. We should help Egypt with their issues pertaining to help them gain freedom of religious views, stop police brutality and truthful and fair treatment from the government.
Egypt’s people need help to have the freedom of religion. Over the past decade, countries from the Organization of the Islamic Conference have been working through the United Nations system to advance the problematic idea that there should be laws against the so-called "defamation of religions.” human rights organizations in Egypt issued a joint statement condemning what they say is a lack of respect for human rights standards when it comes to freedom of association. "We document actual violations of right to life, freedom of assembly and freedom of association and freedom of expression and that's what we are doing." Says the Federal Information & News Dispatch According. Patrick Ventrell , "People should be able to exercise their universal rights peacefully," The problem in Egypt started when Muslims and the Coptic Christians clashed in Cairo after a funeral service. Four Christians were killed earlier by Muslims. The clashes on Sunday resulted in another person killed and 80 injured. In more than 80 countries people face grave danger if they try to create an association or trade union, investigate disappearances or arrests, denounce torture or document human rights violations, activists report the Global Information Network. "We document actual violations of right to life, freedom of assembly and freedom of association and freedom of expression and that's what we are doing." Says the Federal Information & News Dispatch. The freedom to exercise your own religion is not even a phrase in Egypt. Muslins and Christians clash every day and every night. The government does not try to help, not even the police. The police join in on the riots.
Police brutality must stop in Egypt. "The police have a responsibility to respond to criminal acts, but how they respond is very important, and just shooting on the crowd is not an acceptable response." According to Mr. Stork. The U.S based Human Rights Watch has launched an investigation into alleged human rights violations in Egypt during the clashes between supporters and opponents of ousted president Mohammed Morsi. "We are extremely concerned about what is going on," said Stork, "We document actual violations of right to life, freedom of assembly and freedom of association and freedom of expression and that's what we are doing." Says the Federal Information & News Dispatch. Human Rights Watch's (HRW) reports detailing the arrest, torture, and imprisonment of men suspected of having sex with men. The doctors undertook unnecessary forensic anal examinations to...

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