Wake Up With The Opposite Sex

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Most of the people don’t know how their life would be distinct if they wake up with the opposite gender. In my opinion, if tomorrow I wake up with the opposite sex I don’t even know how to respond. Although, several people are exchanging their sex on these days, I as a person I will be much traumatized because I will be transformed into a female. It is very grave to know or say how I’m going to feel. The real object is that I have to accept myself in order to continue my life. It exits many reasons due to I would probably change everything in my life. The worst problem that I considered that will be difficult to make is to change my appearance, my new role definitely will be my mother because she will be my guide as a female and the thing that I am not going to control at all is to have the period every month.
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Changing my appearance would be too sensitive for me if one day I wake up with the opposite sex.
Second, as most people are conscious of life most of us have a special role. My new role will be my mother because she will be the only person who I can feel confident. I am going to be more concerned about her belongings and be with her all the time. Moreover, I’ll tell my mother all the secrets and things that happen every day in my life. I considered that I am going to control everything at home with her because I will learn how to do all the chores. I will care about my mother activities which are important and fundamentals to know as a female. Also, I would like to know how female act in public and she can be my guide in this. Being around my mother's activities is going to be a crucial aspect for me because I will try to be like her. It will help me to know more about the characteristic of a woman
Finally, I keep wondering how my existence is going to change if I have one day the period. The period will be definitely my biggest hassle, because I won’t comprehend why girls act so peculiar. I know that hormones affect but not that much. I am going to need a real best friend because it will be complicated to assimilate. I may have worries with my boyfriend, family, or friends. Also, my judgment will be a problem too, because there are many ladies who take everything private. As a man I am an intense person at the time to act out my excitement, but if I were a girl I will show my affects outside no matter what because for society it is a normal thing.
In conclusion, nobody can figure out how their life will alter in one day. Many people who want to change their gender these days are really brave to do it. If I have the option to choose a sex I definitely choose to be a man. Dealing with the appearance and the period is frustrated, I won’t have the control. My new role probably will be my father, although as a girl I will change it in spite of woman has something invaluable that is having children and that is something I admired.

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