Waking Up In A Hospital Room: A Short Story

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I woke up to the pungent smell of hospital disinfect, invading my nostrils. The room was silent apart from my heavy breathing and the beep beep sound you often hear in hospitals that indicates you're alive. I slowly opened my eyes, squinting in attempt to sharpen the blurred images before me. I glanced around and took in the deserted, blue and white colour schemed hospital bedroom. How long have I been here? I shut my eyes, trying to remember what had exactly happened. Then it all hits me with a bang. The memory of it all starts to occupy my thoughts.

I did it. I jumped off. The cold air hitting my face as I plummet towards the gravel. Some panicking, some remained still. I heard one lady scream. Crashed. The pain jolted throughout my body. It didn't hurt as much as the realisation that I didn't succeed. I was still alive. People started to surround me, some dialing 911 to seek for professional help. A man was telling me "Hold on, you'll be fine". I didn't want to hold on.

Who brought me here? Out of impulse, my hand travels to my face, pressing the throbbing area on my right temple. I felt a scar and flinched at the pain. I tried to get up. Once I stepped on the cold, white tiles, I instantly fell back on to the bed. My body, engulfed in pain as if objecting my decision to stand up. I lay there pathetically, waiting for the pain to wash away. Staring at the ceiling, illuminated with a white fluorescent light. Perhaps waiting for some help by the hospital staff. I still didn't know how I got here, who took me here, how long I've been here.

My series of questions was interrupted as a devilishly handsome man, with brown hair and mesmerizing hazel eyes, emerged from the door of my room, with a mobile phone close to his ear, talking in a serious tone which soften once he saw me and finally hanging up. He stood there in silence, after. While I was staring at him, wondering what a fine man like him doing in my hospital bedroom, he was probably thinking why the hell am I pathetically sprawled on the bed. After a few moments that felt like eternity, he finally came up to me and helped me lie back down properly.

A few minutes passed in awkward silence. Eventually, he finally broke it. "Forgive me if I startled you," he said, "my name is Anthony by the way. Anthony Hollins". I remained silent. No, not because I was shy. As a matter of fact, I was too mesmerized by his charming smile. Finally snapping myself out, "Christina Clark", I squeaked out. "Well hello there, Tina. It's a pleasure to meet you" He flashed the white pearls he has as teeth again, looking ever so dashing.

I glowered at him. I despised the name. Tina. Before I had a chance to say anything he interrupted by apologising and asking what's wrong. I took a long hard stare at his concerned face and I bursted into laughter. His expression then changed to confusion which made me laugh even harder. When I have finally got grip of myself, he told me he didn't understand what I found so...

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