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Wal Mart Business Ethics Essay

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Wal-Mart is currently eradicating some of its negative images by going green, keeping prices continuously low, contributing to disaster relief, community service and a health enticement for Americans to lose weight. Research shows that Wal-Mart believes that by making these changes now, it would help them come closer to the company’s main objectives of respecting the individual, servicing the customers with superior and excellent customer service. Wal-Mart also wants and has the expectations of its suppliers to adhere to these beliefs in their contracting, subcontracting, and other business relationships.
With Wal-Mart deciding to improve its social performance through taking on these particular concerns, it may help Wal-Mart to have a better reputation. According to philosopher Milton Friedman the only Corporate Gregarious responsibility a Corporation has is to increment profits for its stockholders. Through a utilitarian perspective, we can visually perceive that Wal-Mart is acting in a way to produce the greatest possible balance of good over dissatisfaction for their stockholders. Wal-Mart upholds the fiduciary obligations to their stockholders by not incrementing wages of their employees, instead they take the sum of currency and return it back to their stockholders and shareholders such as customers and suppliers. Wal-Mart engenders the bliss for the amount of people who invest in the company. Ethics is about the consequences of an action and the consequence of Wal-Mart’s actions engenders the greatest amount of good for the people who are the primary stockholders of the corporation.
Another angle of Wal-Mart’s is its “high costs and low prices problem”. It seems that Wal-Mart doesn’t even pay their own employees enough to even shop in Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart mission statement does not include profit maximization as a fundamental purpose, therefore the organization main goal is to provide excellent customer service. The average employee works...

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