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CRITICAL BUSINESS ENQUIRY PROJECT(UMCD9W-40-3)MODULE BOOKLET2014/2015Critical Business Enquiry ProjectIntroduction to the ModuleWelcome to the Critical Business Enquiry Project (CBP for short), a double-weighted (30 credit) modules for students from across the Business School. The aim of the module is to give you the skills to think critically about modern business and management research (BMR), and therefore to be able to use such information more effectively in your future careers.At a time when business across the globe is under scrutiny and the assumptions that underpin current business practice are being challenged, this course is particularly valuable. Throughout this course, you will learn how to interpret and evaluate research. These skills are not only useful for critiquing academic research, but also for developing and evaluating any market research or other business information you encounter in your future careers.The module assessment features the largest and most flexible assignment (a literature review) you will undertake in your undergraduate career, plus a learning journal/portfolio to chart your progress though the course. To support you we endeavour to provide focused and informative lectures, tutorials that develop your critical skills with support from tutors, and individual supervision for your literature reviews.We hope to provide an intellectually challenging but stimulating and eye-opening opportunity to engage with a topic of pervasive interest and importance, helping not just your future career but also with other modules in this, your final year.The Module TeamSeptember 2014The Module LeaderCharles Booth is the module leader on this unit. You can come to him with your queries.Charles Booth - Associate ProfessorRoom: 2FC0820117 3283456 (or ext. 83456)charles.booth@uwe.ac.ukTwitter and Pinterest: @charlesboothuwe(please follow for CBP-relevant links and updates)Managing your time on the courseCBP is a 30 credit (double-weighted) module, and each credit represents about 10 hours of study. This module is therefore equivalent to 300 hours of study or thereabouts i.e. a student who studies for this amount of time should be able to achieve a pass mark consonant with their abilities.300 hours = approximately 8 weeks' full-time study.Given the sizeable contribution that this module makes to your degree classification, we suggest effort throughout the course is more likely to result in a strong result than a last-minute intensive burst. It is therefore essential that you manage your time appropriately. We suggest the following approximate time allocation, although individual students will have different requirements and preferences:Lecture attendance 5 hoursLecture consolidation 5 hours(reviewing notes, following up references)Tutorial preparation 20 hoursTutorial attendance 5 hoursTutorial consolidation 10 hoursCollating and preparing Learning Journal/Portfolio 55 hoursLiterature Review generally 200 hours(researching, reading,...

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Wal-Mart Case Study

817 words - 3 pages . I believe that Wal-Mart has the core competencies that allow them to be better than their competitors. It is almost impossible to duplicate what Wal-Mart has to offer.Only for extra exposure and well depth into this case study I have added what Mr. Porter would think about Wal-Mart. Mr. Porter's competitive strategies model offers an alternative that gives special attention to the organization's current and potential competitive environment. From

Wal-mart case analysis. This paper includes SWOT/TOWS analysis, PEST analysis, environemental scan and strategic analysis

5470 words - 22 pages , Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico and United Kingdom).Ø Walmart.com - Wal-Mart website provides a great selection, high-quality merchandise, friendly service and Every-Day Low Price to better serve and satisfy the customerc. PromotionØ Wal-Mart uses five core promotion elements:i. Advertising: TV, Press (newspaper), in-store POP (leaflets)ii. Direct Marketing - Through the dooriii. Sales Promotions - loss-leaders (while stock lasts), multi

Wal Mart Stores Inc

3078 words - 12 pages Wal Mart Stores Inc Abstract Explores the marketing strategies employed by Wal-Mart Corporation and their efforts to compete in the “new” economy. Includes an assessment of Wal-Mart’s expressed and apparent positioning and value proposition based upon internal documents, public relations statements, web page and advertising. Includes an assessment of Wal-Mart’s competitive position and strategy. Includes an assessment of Wal

Organizational Changes in Wal-Mart

2756 words - 11 pages , L. (2008). The Power of Strategic Management in a Rapidly Evolving Environment, the Management Journal 6, 111-142. Hamel, K. (2001). Tapping into the Core Competence to Renew the Organization Competitiveness. Harlow: Pearson Education. Hayden, P., Lee, S., McMahon, K., & Pereira, M. (2002). Wal-Mart: Staying on Top of the Fortune 500: A Case Study on Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Washington, DC: George Washington University. Lorenzi, N. M

Critical Analysis of Internal Resources and External Environment of Wal-Mart

922 words - 4 pages Sustainable competitive advantage Even though at an individual level, core competencies of Wal-Mart might offer only a temporary competitive advantage but in unison they form a sustainable core competency driving revenue growth and profitability. Scale of operations along with capital investment in integrated supply chain coupled with a strong logistics system gives Wal-Mart necessary bargaining power over suppliers. Strong general management

Defining Wal-Mart

1198 words - 5 pages flexibility it has when choosing suppliers. Wal-Mart will only pay the most competitive prices when negotiating with suppliers, and those suppliers know that. It would be simple for Wal-Mart to find a different supplier of a particular item with a lower price. This gives Wal-Mart a great amount of leeway when handling suppliers. Should a particular supplier know Wal-Mart has found a lower price, it will lower its own price accordingly. They know that Wal

Wal-Mart - A Case Study in Managing Technical Transitions

4916 words - 20 pages -Mart have not been able to roll-this program out in the targeted timeframe. Further, while this effort serves to extend Internet access to a broader population it does not help those individuals/families who do not own computers.As mentioned in the first section, Wal-Mart has enjoyed technological leadership as one of its core strengths and sources of competitive advantage. In 1996, it seemed logical for Wal-Mart to establish an early presence

Wal-mart & Wal-mart Grocery Financial Analysis

6457 words - 26 pages applications rather than purchasing current information system technologies. Their technology systems include price verifiers, supply change management systems, data warehousing, and Wal-Mart has the world's largest commercial data base (1997, Core competencies and competitive advantage…).Another core competency is real-time enterprise which also spans cultural boundaries and includes operational efficiency, growth management, and scaling of

Is Walmart Good?

1085 words - 4 pages false or over exaggerated. Wal-Mart offers families and low income people quality products. Also, they pay their workers competitive wages and treat them with respect. Wal-Mart opens their stores in rural and under developed areas. Wal-Mart improves the lives of the people who live rural area and improves their lifestyles. Wal-Mart opens stores at rural areas that are destitute. These people don’t have the ability to buy the newest and best

A Target on Wal-Mart

1372 words - 5 pages suggest that Wal-Mart’s crucial competitive advantage does not lie in its ability to operate where its rivals cannot but rather in its ability to weather competition better than its rivals. Now Wal-Mart is joining the pack, but hopefully with more discipline and success than typically characterizes these forays. The company is hoping to use acquisitions to create more store formats that can be better tailored to different markets. That Wal-Mart has

Wal-Mart Corporation

2026 words - 8 pages retailer in the world, the wealthiest and most powerful corporation in the world. And more recently, Wal-Mart gained the top spot of the most admired company in the world (www.fortune.com).To sustain its competitive advantage, Wal-Mart has constantly adapt to its existing strategies to threats and opportunities in the environment. As noted by Warren Buffett (of Berkshire Hathaway) when it came to casting his vote for the most admired company in America

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Wal Mart Major Competitive Core Competence Is Its Superior Logistics System

1041 words - 4 pages services. Some of these activities may simply be performed adequately, while others may actually be performed rather poorly. However, successful organizations conceivably possess certain capabilities allowing them to perform key activities exceptionally well. Moreover, these are the distinctive capabilities that support a market position that is valuable and difficult to imitate.At Wal-Mart, its major competitive core competence is its superior

Wal Mart Measures To Sustain Its Recent Performance And Defend Against Competitive (And Other) Threats

729 words - 3 pages relatively short period of time, it can give them a false sense of what to expect in the future. These high expectations may actually cause the company to suffer. Future growth in any company is essential if it intends to stay competitive in today's economy.After Sam Walton died, the President confidently responded that nothing would change at Wal-Mart. The principles and the basic values that Mr. Walton used in founding the company were so sound and so

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9098 words - 36 pages AbstractThis project conducts a case study for the relations of competitive advantage, core competence and critical success factors in Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. The aims are to examine how Chinese shareholding commercial banks can create competitive advantage and build core competence.This research reviews a series of analytical theories, including different approaches of competitive strategies, core competence, CSFs and relations of

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3883 words - 16 pages , and has experienced global expansion (for example its purchase of the United Kingdom based retailer ASDA). The company has a core competence involving its use of information technology to support its international logistics system. For example, it can see how individual products are performing country-wide, store-by-store at a glance. IT also supports Wal-Mart's efficient procurement. A focused strategy is in place for human resource