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Wal Mart Documentary: The High Cost Of Low Price

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Ever heard that cliché stating money is the route to all evil? What if the subject of Wal-Mart was brought into the mix of this cliché? Wal-Mart is known as the highest money making supply chain store in America. When at the top of the food chain everything might not seem as it appears. After watching The Wal-Mart Documentary: The High Cost of Low Price, I am strongly against Wal-Mart in America because of several reason but will narrow it down to: the closings of small businesses, high crime rate, and discrimination against employees.

Well how about a little fun fact: Wal-Mart makes millions of dollars every day and does little to nothing to help their community or employees make a living to support their families. The business motto of Walmart is all about low prices but at what cost? The Wal-Mart Documentary: The High Cost of Low Price, reveals the many chain of events happening when a Wal-Mart is built in a town, such as: small mom and pop shops closing their business because they can NOT compete with the “BIG HOUSE”, employees being discriminated by the color, race, and either not getting promoted or are being told to go on government funding because Wal-Mart doesn’t want to provide quality healthcare. In The Walmart Documentary, stated: “Wal-Mart cost taxpayers $1,557,000,000.00 to support their own employees” (U.C. Berkeley Resources).
How does this feel knowing honest hard earned money goes towards a corporation that is worth millions and millions of dollars? It is like the community that lives where a Wal-Mart is built is the one who is supplying the means to pay for the employees to work there, too much corruption going on in the system. Crime rate will also go up due to Wal-Mart not supplying outdoor security guards to watch for theft and muggers in the parking lots. Yet some people say it is good to have a Wal-Mart in town because it will attract more people which in turn will bring more business and have new and exciting business opportunities.

First, I believe bringing a Wal-Mart into a small town will cause a great multitude of problems for the residents who are the owners of small businesses trying to make an honest living to provide for their families. “Wal-Mart turns mainstreets into ghost towns by sucking business away from small retailers” (Dean and Sobel 2008). Many mom-and-pop shops that have made a decent living and provided fair pay for their employees have to close their doors because they can’t compete with the up and coming of the hip new ‘One Stop Shop Here’ stores. “…Wal-Mart Watch released a report in 2005 claiming that a Wal-Mart expansion in Iowa was solely responsible for the extensive closings of mom-and-pop stores, including 555 grocery stores, 298 hardware stores, 293 building supplies, 161 variety stores, 158 women’s stores, and 116 pharmacies” (Dean and Sobel 2008). That’s hard hitting facts; that is a great deal of people out of work trying to find new jobs if they are lucky to find one in these small...

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