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Wal Mart How They Got Their Start And Bad Reputation From Employees, This Article Entails, Lawsuits, Timeline,And Discrimination.

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The first Wal-Mart variety, opened in 1962, by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas .The Superstore Giant now sells almost everything!. Although Wal-Mart began as a small variety store; within five years, Wal-Mart had opened an additional 23 stores with a total of 12.6 MM in sales. In May 1971, Wal-Mart acquired their first 100 percent stock split and listed on the NYSE one year later, within months, again Wal-Mart had yet another 100 percent stock split. By 1975, 125 stores were operating with 7,500 associates, $340.3 million in sales, and their third stock split. In 1979 with 276 stores, 21,000 associates and is in its 11th state; Wal-Mart became the first company to reach $1.248 billion in such a short time span.By the 1980's Wal-Mart had five additional stock splits, November 1980, June 1982, and June of 1983, in this same year, the first SAM's club opened in Oklahoma. September 1985 and June 1987, at this time, Wal-Mart celebrated their 25th anniversary: with 1,198 stores with sales of $15.9 billion and 200,000 associates.By the close of the 1990's Wal-Mart had become the nations number one retailer, had its eleventh stock split , ventured into Puerto Rico , Germany and Korea, was the number one largest, private owned employer in the United States, and replaced Woolworth's on the Dow Jones industrial Average.The turn of the Century Wal-mart was listed by Fortune Magazine as the third most admired company of America, in 2001, it was among the top 25 Diversity Recruitment Programs for its aggressive program to hire and promote Latinos, according to Hispanic Business Magazine. In 2002, Wal-Mart is ranked number one on the Fortune 500 listing. is now the world's biggest corporation, having passed Exxon Mobil. The multibillion-dollar company makes $220 billion a year. With more than one million employees, this is three times more than General Motors Company that has been around three times longer than the superstore giant has.According to several web sites on the web, the average employee makes only...

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