Wal Mart: Is It The Source Of All Evil In America?

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Based on the reading that I have done, my position on Wal-Mart is that the benefits to Wal-Mart's consumers outweigh the negative effects of Wal-Mart's business practices. I believe this for several reasons, which I will explain.One reason for my position is because Wal-Mart can offer lower prices than any other major retail store in the world. They can do this because of the demands on their suppliers. Wal-Mart will accept nothing but the absolute lowest price on any product. This helps them to keep their prices low.Another way that they keep their prices down is by having their executives have small, modest offices that are on the same floor as their subordinates.Wal-Mart's non-unionized workforce also helps them keep their prices lower then the competition. Almost all major retail companies have labor unions, and all of those companies have to succumb to the pressure of those unions to stay in business. This keeps their prices higher in order to make a profit. Wal-Mart does not have labor unions, which keeps them from having to raise prices.Something else that Wal-Mart does, they don't pay their employees as much as the average supermarket retail store. Wal-Mart may pay an average of eight dollars per hour, while the competition may pay their employees ten dollars per hour (Grant, 2).There have also been allegations against Wal-Mart that they are employing illegal immigrants (Grant, 2). Police arrested about three hundred workers that were illegal immigrants after working cleaning shifts in around sixty Wal-Mart stores (Grant, 2).One argument against this practice is that it takes jobs away from Americans, but as Wal-Mart grows, they have to employ more "associates," which means more jobs for the American public. Another argument against Wal-Mart is Wal-Mart forces smaller, hometown businesses to shut down, but this is...

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2756 words - 11 pages , but also an organization with a global presence and reputation (Hayden, Lee, Mcmahon & Pereira, 2002). With a history of surpassing sales target, it appeared almost certain that the trend would progress in the new millennium. However signs of danger begun to emerge as early as 2001, when for the first time it missed out on its sales target (Wal-Mart Watch, 2007). Oslon, Van Bever and Verry (2008) noted that when a negative trend is experienced

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