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Wal Mart’s Strategic Research Project Essay

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Running head: STRATEGICRESEARCH PROJECTStrategic Research ProjectMarch 18, 2011Wal-Mart's Strategic ResearchThe number of companies in the US is increasing and Wal-Mart understands the market for their products. Knowing the number of potential customers, their product preferences, and the weaknesses of their competitors has helped Wal-Mart become the world's #1 retailer. This report provides strategic research for Wal-Mart along with a recommended five-year corporate strategy.Vision and Mission StatementsWal-Mart's mission and vision is "We save people money so they can live better," (Walmart, 2011, para 20).The statement is brief and inspiring, which makes it easy to read, understand, and it creates positive feelings. Several characteristics are missing from their mission statement that could include other classes of people but it helps to identify a general direction to guide the company. Statements could be included that would indicate that the company is being environmentally responsible and more components could be added to be more effective.Wal-Mart seems to be following their mission and vision statement by selling their products at a low price and their growth rate shows that people believe that they save money by shopping at their stores.External AssessmentWal-Mart is a global company so their challenges extend beyond the local competition but they are able to maintain an acceptable profit by understanding and monitoring their industry's forces.Rivalry among competing firms and the Potential Entry of New CompetitorsWal-Mart's top three competitors in are Target, Costco Wholesale, and Carrefour, (Hoovers - Wal-Mart, 2011). They all offer comparative products at competitive prices and they rely on profiting from a high volume of sales. Manufacturing industries are reducing manufacturing costs, which can be an opportunity for a new company to compete in the retail industry because Wal-Mart's customers seek low prices.Power of suppliers, buyers, and Threat of substituting existing productWal-Mart's suppliers must maintain low cost manufacturing practices by substituting products that they use to package and produce their goods, which helps to meet Wal-Mart's pricing requirements that is dictated by the consumers spending habits. Wal-Mart selectively chooses their suppliers because each supplier must have high turnover and low cost strategies to meet Wal-Mart's price and supply...

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799 words - 3 pages would require its top 100 suppliers to put RFID tags on shipping crates and pallets by January 1st 2005. Earlier this month, Wal-Mart announced that it will expand its RFID efforts to its next 200 largest suppliers by January 1st, 2006. Each tag would store an Electronic Product Code (EPC) which is a bar code that would be used to track products as they enter Wal-Mart’s distribution centers. In turn, these products are then shipped to individual

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1730 words - 7 pages and market research. Threats that the company is facing include the decline in the level of disposable income as consumer debt and savings levels increase, the aging of the population, and environmental regulation, especially in the area of recycling. Another threat comes from changing political environments in the international arena. The international market is a prime opportunity for Wal-Mart’s expansion. However, the company will

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3548 words - 15 pages : information technology, distributional management, integration, and strategic supplier partnerships. Information technology is a major contributor to Wal-Mart’s success. Its information technology infrastructure is very accurate in performing multiple tasks: forecasting demand, tracking and predicting inventory levels, creating highly efficient transportation routes, and servicing response logistics . However, such technologies are available to

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1708 words - 7 pages -Mart continues to flourish. Even though the company negatively affects the communities they are located and is far from ethical, they still draw in the consumers with tight budgets by the low prices they offer. The recession of 2008 created the perfect environment for Wal-Mart to thrive. This same recession, ironically, exacerbated two of the most detrimental impacts of Wal-Mart’s business practices: unemployment and household income. The rise in

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1406 words - 6 pages 0.14 11. Raw material increases can cause product price increases 0.07 3 0.21 12. Government regulations on trade 0.04 2 0.08 13. Political/legal problems in foreign governments 0.04 2 0.08 14. Currency Fluctuation 0.04 2 0.08 15. Consumer opposition to opening new stores in small towns 0.07 1 0.07 Total 1.0 2.62 Akkad, Chelune, Coppola, Lacey and Sentelle. Wal-Mart’s Strategic Plan (2011) According to Wal-Mart’s existing strategies, much

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