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Wal Mart: The Real Identity Essay

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Wal-Mart’s identity is misperceived because of reasons that many people are unaware of. This misperception successfully masks the retailer’s real identity. These reasons include, misleading advertisement, false claims, biased employment, transitioning from the blue-collar customer target by incorporating an upscale inventory, having a majority of Chinese made inventory, and manipulating customers.
The world's largest retailer is experiencing its worst-ever sales period. Many people today proclaim that Wal-Mart has just lost sight on the main goal, making money. While trying to attract more upscale shoppers, the retailer effectively turned its back on its blue-collar customers. Apparently, Wal-Mart does not care, and is attempting to deceive their usual, everyday customers by incorporating more upscale and pricy items into the inventory of the store (Duke 426).
Wal-Mart’s everyday customers do not want inflation of price to occur due to the infamous “rollback” scheme. At first glance, Wal-Mart's "rollback" pricing scheme seems appealing however, while the strategy drew in some shoppers with lower prices on select items, it was combined with a rise in prices on many other goods. This is severely aggravating for all customers who embraced Wal-Mart for its "everyday" low prices on all merchandise. This is a prime example of how this massive retailer deceives its customers into shopping at Wal-Mart (Lake, Mermin, and Wiefek 10).
The following is an interesting quote from Scott Edwards, a former Wal-Mart executive. This quote is significant because a former vice president of the massive store blatantly admitted to raising prices and alienating the blue-collar customer.
"The whole rollback thing spread like a cancer, and it is systemic. Now Target doesn't have to lower prices, because we have raised ours. I think we have alienated a lot of blue-collar shoppers".
Wal-Mart has begun a significant overhaul by changing the merchandise in which they sell throughout the store. A Wal-Mart customer that shopped at the store in years past could remember when the store sold generic type of clothing as well as many other generic items. When walking into a local Wal-Mart today, bounds of name brand merchandise encompass the stores perimeters. This is an example of how Wal-Mart basically abandoned the main customer body in an attempt to attract more upscale customers.
Along with incorporating the new, brand name merchandise into the store, Wal-Mart has also transitioned the appearance of the store from the old “warehouse” feel to the newer, store like feel. The transition from the “warehouse” feel is very important in Wal-Mart’s identity. It is common for the individual while shopping at Wal-Mart, to feel as if they are shopping at a warehouse. This has been the identity of the store for years, and as of just recently has altered. The advantage that the retailer maintains with a “warehouse” type store is that the customers see an abundance...

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