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Walk Two Moons Essay

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In the novel, Walk Two Moons, Salamanca Tree Hiddle, also known as Sal, tells a story of her best friend Phoebe Winterbottom. The novel is narrated by the main character, Sal, who tells a story as her personal story unfolds. The two stories are linked together in a peculiar way using the technique where the frame story leads readers from one story to another. In both stories, the girls face a major emotional journey through hardship and abandonment. Yet at the same time they go through very different struggles. These struggles include issues with grief, anger, and even acceptance of their own fate.
Sal longed to visit her mother’s grave for quite some time, but her father refuses to take ...view middle of the document...

In Phoebe’s story, Phoebe’s mom, Mrs. Winterbottom, leaves her family unexpectedly. Phoebe is worried sick and keeps wondering why her mother would leave such a perfect family. Phoebe finds it hard to believe that her mom would leave her. In her unbelief, she starts to believe her mother is kidnapped. Phoebe wants to file her case to the police right away but her dad forbid her. A couple of days later she couldn’t wait any longer. She goes to the police office without her dad’s knowledge and tells the sergeant her story and her suspicions. While at the police station, she realizes that the sergeant’s son is the potential kidnapper. Phoebe wants to investigate even further. She learns where the lunatic lives and plans to find out what he is doing to her mom. When Phoebe goes to the place where the lunatic lives, she sees the lunatic and her mom laughing and having a good time. Phoebe thought this was crazy and disrespectful. Later on, Phoebe’s family receives a phone call from Mrs. Winterbottom, saying that she is returning in a couple of days. The Winterbottom family goes crazy getting the house ready for her return. When the day came for Mrs. Winterbottom’s return, she doesn’t just bring herself home but also brings the lunatic, Mike, with her. Mrs. Winterbottom explains that this is her son she put up for adoption before herself and Mr. Winterbottom got married. Mr. Winterbottom is shocked...

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