"Walking Proof" Lewis Lapham's Point Of View In His Essay "School Bells".

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Lewis Lapham argues that the modern education system is ineffective due to the commercialization of the classroom. He states that such programs as Channel One and Zapme! hinder student's abilities to learn. His belief is that a two minute commercial break from a ten minute news program is far too great a cost in exchange for the funding that channel one gives to the school districts that air their programming. On the other hand, Earl Shorris believes that "activity with other people at every level from the family to the neighborhood to the broader community to the city-state" aids in education. Channel One and Zapme! provide students the access to interact with other people via television and the internet. These two programs are put to use in many classrooms and equip students with the knowledge of subjects ranging from current events to art. I am well aware of the benefits of at least one of these programs because I was privileged enough to have Channel One broadcasted everyday in my classroom for seven years. The ads did not interfere with the knowledge I gained from viewing that program. I was able to learn about politics, history, cultures, sex education, etc. The list could go on and on. Channel One does not stop education with its programs it encourages it.Lapham also raises the issue that in today's school system the social classes are separated into two categories: the well educated and the babysat. Mark Edmundsun discusses this very topic in his essay, "On the Uses of a Liberal Education". He writes about his experience with his own students and his new job title The Entertainer. He feels he has to capture the student's attention by blurting out one-liners. He also goes on to tell about how he rarely has students of "truly poor backgrounds". However, they both fail to recall history. Schools have, in the past, been either socially separated or segregated. The only difference from the past and the present is that now the poor have a better opportunity of earning a scholarship. For example, I do not come from a...

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