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Walking The 5 K Essay

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When I read this assignment, my first thought was choosing walking as my exercise. Why? Because my sister has been running for a few years and as convinced me that I could walk at a 5K race. So I have been walking since the beginning of the summer and my first race is in a month. This is also a chance for me to find ways that I could incorporate nutrition into my diet without my immediate family rioting. The benefits of walking will actually help me greatly because my family seems to have a history of everything. All four of my grandparents died with cancer. My mom is a cancer survivor. Most of her siblings have died of some form of cancer. Mom also has had a stroke. My dad, his dad, and distant cousins on that side of the family have had heart attacks. Both my parents have diabetes and high blood pressure. And my mom is obese. I am overweight myself and have been since I had my oldest son in 1997 then 18 months later had twins boys. I have lost 20 pounds since then but slowly because of my lack of motivation to exercise. But now I have a reason to get up and exercise; a 5K race. And my sister to support me and push me to do it.

Walking the 5K

There are three different types of exercise. They are aerobic exercise, strength training, and flexibility. Aerobic exercise or cardio is where a person's heart rate and breathing rate are increased. For most people, a total of thirty minutes a day for at least three days is the best. Examples of aerobic exercise is walking, dancing, swimming, or anything that gets the heart rate up. Walking is actually my favorite physical activity.
Strength training needs to be done at least 2 or 3 times a week to help build strong muscles and bones. The more muscle a person has the more calories that are burned even at rest. Flexibility is also called stretching. This keeps the joints flexible and reduce chances of injury during other activities.
All three of these types of exercise are important in any physical activity program. At the beginning of this summer, I have started walking again getting ready to walk in a 5K next month. I have a home weight gym in my garage. I do stretching all the time. I stretch at the computer doing school work, while I am cooking, etc.
Walking is a great cardio exercise because it can help a walker to control their weight and improve his or her body composition. It helps burn stored fat and maintain lean tissue. This gives the walker a stronger...

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