Walking The Line: Human And Inhuman

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Walking the Line: Human and Inhuman
The human race’s complexity is so muddled with various desires, styles, and actions that even a substantial response could only explain a fragment of human nature, but, even with the intricacy of humanity, there is a barrier an ethical conscience held by the human race as a whole that separates actions human and inhuman. In Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein, the characters Dr. Frankenstein and the creature he reanimates walk along the separation line between human and inhuman. Shelly uses the idealisms like Promethean desire and existential questions to exemplify the natural yearnings that humans strive for as they search for their purpose and aspire for ...view middle of the document...

Dr. Frankenstein’s “Promethean dream” of innovation towards the future unites him with the human race and reveals his natural humanistic qualities (Asquith). Dr. Frankenstein conjoins himself to humanity with his Promethean beliefs; his desires push the boundaries and find himself are conventional wants for all of humanity.
Although the creature was never able to conjoin himself to human society his thoughts and questions about his life linked him to society as he has the same aspirations that every human has. Frankenstein’s creature was casted away from humanity because he was different and still he longed for friends and companionship. Due to how miss treated he was by mankind, the creature became emotionally tangled gained and his emotions - lonesome, unhappy, confused- drove him to find Dr. Frankenstein and force him to create a being as “deformed and horrible” as himself so that he could have a companion (Shelly 145) (SP 7). The creature craving for a companion is only human and creates at least an emotional connection between him and humanity. The creature forced his argument upon Frankenstein pleading that even “Satan has companions” but he is solitary (Shelly 156). The creature longs for a nurturing figure will come into life foster for him, yet no one will. The creature lost in the world search to find his place because he believed that “nothing contributes so much to tranquillize the mind as a steady purpose--a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye” and that if he could find his place in the world he could find happiness (Shelly 78). The creatures needs for a companion and to find where he belongs create a connection between him and natural human behavior as he wants and needs the same figures that humans need to function and find peace in their lives.
Peace however is never found in either Frankenstein or his creature’s lives....

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