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Walking The Path Toward A Feasible Solution, Possibly

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In order for there to be a solution to the discord between Palestine and Israel, small, but invaluable, steps must be taken toward reconciliation of the two parties. These small steps will be strides in regard to the long existence of this struggle, but there will be much suffering, misfortune, and hardships along the way to mending relations. Compromises will need to be made and both groups will need to acknowledge the legitimacy of each other. They will have to recognize the humanity of their enemy. Israel and Palestine need to push past and overcome previous adversity and affliction, and move forward beyond ancient grudges. The Israeli Palestinian conflict does have a prospective ...view middle of the document...

The fence must remain as the Israelis require it for the purpose of safely. If the fence line is not revised the West Bank will receive no justice. Certain changes need to be made. The wall must be pushed back and land must be returned to the Palestinians all while maintaining peace.
The only logical step to follow would be to remove all colonies and settlements from the West Bank. At this moment the West Bank is completely broken up by settlements and Israeli only roads. This land must be returned to the Palestinians. But, this needs to be without destruction or abused done to any and all things built or produced on the land. The Israeli government must create a safe and guarded way for these settlers to return home. It is hard to understand why the Israeli government couldn’t just pay the colonist to come back after they payed them to go in the first place, but it would most likely be asking too much of them. Although this will be difficult Palestinians will have their land and justice and Israelis will have the security they need.
The next step would be allowing any and all refugees to re-enter the borders of their own country. Displaced civilians should be given the option of whether or not they will return to their home countries. Each and every person must be given means by which to return safely and securely. This is justice for those returning and and for their families and loved ones. Once you allow people to return to their homeland then you can begin rebuilding a government and mending world relations.
These two countries cannot, should not, and have no right to control or regulate the resources the other depends on. Israel needs to find a way to secure necessary resources for itself and its people from itself and its people. Palestinians must be able to freely consume resources produced in their own country. As of right now Israel depends on aquifers in the West Bank for almost three fourths of their water and they use almost three fourths of the water available in the West Bank. Palestinians need to be able to drink their own water and Israelis need a sustainable drinkable water source.
In order...

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