Walking Through The Killing Fields To My Future

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I come from an impoverished family that escaped to America during the Vietnam War with hopes that their children would perhaps live a better life than they did. My grandparents sacrificed everything that they had owned and invested all of their life savings into a boat that would remove them from the world of misery; this led them to come to America in search of a better life.
It was during the Vietnam war, the citizens of Vietnam were hungry, poor, and scared for their lives. Every hour, my grandma said, there were explosives that was in the 10 meter radius from her house. She could only imagine the deaths of her friends and family that lived within the attacks. My grandparents had 11 kids ...view middle of the document...

In doing so, Pol Pot wanted a creation of a New Cambodia; which included the people of Cambodia to follow instructions only given by the Government and eliminating any refugees that was in Cambodia. By eliminating those refugees, Pol Pot planned to kill anyone who was a runaway from the Vietnam War or seemed like a traitor to the Khmer Rouge and those dead bodies would be thrown away in the swamp of the jungle, later known as the Killing Fields.
The memories of Cambodia will forever haunt my grandparents. When my grandma arrived in Cambodia, she was able to have enough money to rent a house in a small village where refugees from the Vietnam war escaped settled and started a new life. She was able to feed her family by working at the market and trying to sell random things she could find, which lead her to become somewhat fluent in Cambodian. Her oldest son, my uncle, was around the age of 25 when he had to learn to speak Cambodian to find a possible job. On a thursday night, a member of the Khmer Rouge knock on a neighbor’s door and when she opened the door, he began to speak, as refugees of the Vietnam war, no one was really able to speak fluent Cambodian, she was confused and tried to form sentences but was shot on the spot due to her lack of vocabulary. My grandma remembers the amount gun shots that the officer fired in their house, 7 she believes. So by the time the officer got to my grandma’s door, my uncle had learn enough Cambodian to be able to speak with him, which ultimately saved his and our family’s lives. When my grandma got enough money she was able to take a secret route through the killing fields of the jungle to escape Cambodia and go back to Vietnam. Luckily, the Vietnam War had begun to settle down so she was able to really feel safe in Vietnam once again. For about a year, my grandparents had found enough money to buy tickets to flee to the United States of America, however with 11 kids, she did not have enough. Thus she had to make the tough decision of leaving a couple of her kids behind. My Mom and my auntie was left behind because they felt like they could survive longer down here than their other siblings. My grandparents arrived to America on June 15th 1979.
By the 1980s Vietnam began...

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