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Wall E Versus Feed Essay

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“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards” (“Brainy Quotes” 1). While this epitomizes modern time, it also represents M.T. Anderson’s Feed and Pixar’s Wall-E. Feed is a book about a dystopian society influenced by a device, called “feed”, implanted in the brains of the citizens. The author describes a group of regular teenagers that venture to the moon for a spring break vacation of partying and going “in mal”. The main character, Titus, falls for a girl named Violet who is not like the other stereotypical teens in this book. Violet received the feed when she was much older and she is homeschooled so her brain is more developed. Together, they go on outrageous adventures until a hacker at a dance club causes them to lose their feeds. Unfortunately for Violet, repairing her feed was practically impossible; meaning, Violet was slowly dying. Together, Titus and Violet question society, feed, and the way of life as they create their journey in the book, Feed. In Pixar’s Wall-E, the world has been abandoned by all of humanity because of the over polluted atmosphere. However, one creature still exists on earth, a garbage-collecting robot named Wall-E. One day, a futuristic, well-developed robot arrives on earth inspecting the earth of any species of life. Wall-E falls in love with the robot, Eve, and when she returns home on her spaceship, he hops on and catches a ride to space. There, Eve and Wall-E work together to save the planet earth in a futuristic love story, Wall-E. M.T. Anderson’s Feed and Pixar’s Wall-E, exaggerate a society influenced by technology using both similar and different story lines.
Environment, consumerism, and the characters share similar qualities in Feed and Wall-E. In Feed, M.T. Anderson overstresses a polluted society that languishes in an “intricately rendered city” with a dying environment (Scott 1). He writes of an extreme point where the world needs air factories to live. While Violet is talking to her father she realizes, “‘the forest’s gone.' 'Yeah. Jefferson Park?' ‘Yeah. That was knocked down to make an air factory'" (Anderson 125). The environment in Feed can’t even produce air anymore so the air is machine-made and fake. Similarly, the environment in Wall-E is also polluted; however, the problem is more severe. The earth has been completely abandoned for 700 years and the improvement of earth has been given into the hands of a garbage-collecting robot, Wall-E. All of humanity moved to outer space to live in a ship controlled by robots and centered on technology. The ads on the ship broadcast the advances of space stating that if there was “too much garbage in your face” on earth, than there is “plenty of space out in space!” (Wall-E). In the futuristic book, Feed, children are implanted with a “feed” that displays advertisements and controls all thoughts, emotions, and memories. M.T. Anderson writes using satire of consumerism and deteriorates the complexity in...

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