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Walmart — Annual Report 2010

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Walmart - Annual Report 2010Walmart, one of the largest retailers of the world, is considered a consumer-friendly organization. Walmart is a success story that all organizations should seek to imitate. Through necessity to fulfill their objective to be the number one global retailer, Walmart has developed one of the most successful IT infrastructures. Today people who are in search for a department store that offers convenience as well as discount, the first store that comes to mind is Walmart. The company, however, is considered a big challenge for its small competitors. On the one hand, Walmart is famous for creating jobs, on the other it is blamed for the demise of a number of businesses.Walmart was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton. It was incorporated on October 31, 1969 , and later became a part of the New York Stock Exchange in 1992 as WMT. This paper will evaluate Walmart annual reports for 2010. Information listed on an annul report is essential for investors and shareholders in order to get an overall evaluation of the performance of the company. This report will evaluate the current ratio, quick ratio, ROI, ROA, and P/E ratios. Investors and annalist uses the information along as other various ratios in order to compute the current and future standing of a company.Societies in the United States consist of interrelated social structures where every person has a purpose of working together with other parts to bring social strength. It can be said that Walmart works an interrelated force for the people in this country and it has an inherited tendency to balance and equilibrium. In addition, this giant organization provides value to customers by offering collection of a wide variety of consumer goods in a single location, and providing goods at the lowest prices.There are many reasons for consumers to prefer shopping at Walmart. The retailer offers best prices and one can buy nearly everything he needs in one location. People like Walmart because it attracts business and enables people to stretch their dollars farther. The presence of a local Walmart in fact is an advantage to most of local businesses, as it is a suitable, quick source for supplies and it offers consumers a wide range of goods at very reasonable prices.Walmart continues to grow and increase in sales and earnings. For fiscal year 2010, Walmart posted record sales and earnings. The total net sale for the company was $405 billion which is $3.9 billion higher from the sale of 2009. But the increasing trend is far low from previous several years. Increase in sale in 2009 was 7.3 percent, in 2008 8.4 percent, in 2007 11.6 percent and in 2006 9.8 percent. The figures show that the increase percentage in the net sale of Walmart is continuously following a decreasing trend.According to the Annual Report, the Operating Income of Walmart in 2010 is $24.0 billion, $1.2 billion up from 2009 and $2 billion up from 2008. The income from continuing operations in 2010 was $14,414 billion as...

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