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Wal-Mart, everyone has heard of it and has at least been there once in their lifetime. Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer that is making $ 220 billion dollars in sales a year with over one million hourly workers with only 2/3 being women employees, who only make up 10 percent of management positions. (Olsson 608). Everyone has heard of wal-mart famous logo of “Everyday Low Prices” which attract thousands of consumers a day. Many people love to shop at Wal-Mart but no one looks at the picture behind the scenes. Sebastian Mallaby and Karen Olsson, both accredited authors, wrote an essay about two different perspective of Wal-Mart and how they treat their employees. Mallaby, who has written for the Washington post and about financial situations, use his essay to defend Wal-Mart, by using factual information. Olsson, who has written for both the Washington Post and the New York Times, uses her essay to critise what Wal-Mart is doing by using former employees own personal stories and information. In my opinion, Mallaby has a more persuasive essay because of the way he uses factual information to back up all of the Wal-Marts different tactics and how he attacks his audience through his tone of voice.
Olsson uses her essay to try to persuade her readers into thinking that Wal-Mart is not treating its employees fairly by using some of Wal-Mart employees stories to back up her claims. With her essay she talks about the company as a whole and how they try to push you do different jobs so they do not have to hire and pay someone else to do it. She uses this stories to offer a emotional touch to her argument as way of persuading her readers into believing that Wal-Mart is not a good place to work. Olsson also mentions how some employees are forced to work long hours with little to no pay at all and how they cannot afford health insurance because of the low wages they receive. Another main issue Olsson uses her essay to talk about is unionizing. She shows the extreme measures walmart takes to making sure there employees know not to join a union. She mentions a story about a former employee, who was “called back into a room by five mangers and made to watch a video about being anti-union”(Olsson 616). She uses these stories to set up different scenes showing how Wal-mart is violating different laws.
Mallaby on the other hand uses his essay to persuade his readers in to thinking that what Wal-Mart is doing is what every other big retail business is doing and they are just doing their job as a company. He uses his essay to compare the wages of Wal-Mart employees to other big companies like target and Costco. He also tackles the issue of health insurance and the issue about working long hours with no pay like Olsson did in her articlebut by defending the corparte company instead...

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