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Walmart Black Friday 2013 Essay

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On Thanksgiving morning, two major things occur, the first would be putting the turkey in the oven, and the other is the arrival of the holiday paper chalked full of Black Friday advertisements. With all those all ads in mind, they are designed to draw the shopper to their store, enticing them with huge savings and on-time special pricing.
For instance, one ad that catches the shoppers' attention is Walmart. How does Walmart do this? First, they break their Black Friday sales into several “Events” starting at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day and ending, with the final Event at 8 a.m. Black Friday (Walmart Black Friday Ad, 2013, p. 10). This strategy is designed to spread out the onslaught of shoppers, and extending their sales period. How Walmart accomplishes this is that each Event is set up to lure shoppers with a limited number of highly popular electronic items offered at an immense discount. Second, Walmart has added another new marketing ...view middle of the document...

1). This ploy is used to get the shopper back into the store to spend that gift card, and more than likely even more.
Furthermore, the pictures of the product are clear and draw your attention, but the description is minimal. Thus, a little research is needed to make sure that it is actually a good deal and also what you are looking for. For example, the iPad mini, it is the base model with only 16 GB without the retina display being sold at the regular price. However, what will draw the shopper, who has been looking to purchase the iPad, have the added incentive of the $100 gift card (Walmart Black Friday Ad, 2013, p. 1). Certainly, this incentive will draw the shopper to Walmart before the start of Event 1, who will then be given an arm band so they can wonder the store and load other items in their carts until the Event time arrives.
Additionally, as you continue through the advertisement, and the different Events, you will notice the kick-off items are mostly electronics, such as, a bigger selection of flat screen TV’s, Beats headphones at an $85 savings, and discounts on popular brand cell phones. In addition, Walmart’s advertisement and hot Black Friday deals offer a wide variety of items at a good discount to draw the shopper to shop at their store and not the competition.
Overall, Walmart uses a very good marketing plan to lure the shopper in the store and keeping them there. They achieve this by using large discounts popular electronic items or large denomination store gift cards with purchase. Thus, other items offered by Walmart cover area in the shopper’s life, either for themselves or a gift to a family member. These shopper’s personal wants and gifts range from large flat screen TV down to video game, DVD, household appliances and, of course, toys. Therefore, with the different Event start times, this give Walmart the opportunity to keep the shopper in the store for a longer period of time. Consequently, this leaves the shopper nothing to do but wait, browse, and fill their carts with items that they didn’t know they needed, but say to themselves, it’s a great deal so I can’t pass it up. As a result, the shopper ends up spending more than they intended.

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