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Walmart Part 5 Essay

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Competition among retailers is aggressive, as the demand side of the industry is driven by consumers who expect to get the best value for their money. “Competitive advantage is anything a company has, or does better, that customers value but the competition cannot match” (Romero, 2005). Walmart has a sustainable competitive advantage over other retailers, largely due to their centralized focus of cost leadership and differentiation strategies.
Walmart uses the backward expansion strategy to extend their geographical reach. The company is known for entering small, rural towns and saturates the area before entering the larger metropolitan areas. The international plan included new ...view middle of the document...

They supply more than just retail items. The company offers goods and services that sets them apart from the competition. They have successfully created the one-stop shopping experience, where a customer can see a doctor, refill prescriptions, and get a haircut all under the same roof. Additionally, the company offers financial services, such as check cashing, money orders, and money gram. Walmart recently introduced a Walmart to Walmart money transfer to further reduce costs for customers, and increase their differentiation and cost-leadership strategy. Customers no longer have to pay the outrageous money gram fees to send money to a loved one. They can use the store to store transfer for less than $10 (, 2014. See figure 2). This is a service Target does not provide, but it gives Walmart the opportunity to compete with money gram for transfer fees. This diversified service provides evidence that Walmart identifies and understands every possible interaction with their customers, and identifies ways that the interaction can be improved to offer more value for the customer.
Cost leadership is a core value at Walmart, where everyone plays a role in controlling the cost drivers that affect the overall profitability of the retailer. The company continues to outgrow its largest rival, Target, year after year. Walmart controls the operating costs to 19% of sales year after year....

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