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Walmart Unequal Pay And Overall Low Paying Wages

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Walmart profits billions of dollars each year yet they pay low wages discriminate against

their female employees by underpaying them and not being paid the same amount as their

counterparts. Walmart rarely hire fulltime employees which means no benefits and no vacations

leaving the employees to depend on assistance from the government. Walmart has been sued for

gender discrimination alleging female employees were discriminated against in the matters

regarding pay and promotion. Women employees sued for equal pay they also want to be

considered for promotions. Walmart female employees perform the same duties as their

counterparts but they are not making the same in salaries they ...view middle of the document...

Walmart makes approximately four hundred and sixty six billion dollars a year. Walmart

employees make minimum wage and have no benefits leaving their employees with no health

care which means tax payers are picking up the slack. Employees at Walmart rarely get fulltime

employment which leaves them to struggle financially. Woman employees are paid less than

men in some cases even male employees at Walmart make twice that of a female. Since 1997

female employees have been paid less than males in every year in every Walmart. In 2001 a

study showed that in every position from Regional vice president to cashiers men are paid a

substantial amount more then women. (Richard Vedder, Wedell Cox )

Walmart has not been unionized to secure equal treatment and organization in the

workplace. Unions usually are best because when the company is unionized the company runs a

lot smoother and everyone is everyone is happier. Employees fight for unions to ensure benefits

and rights a lot of employees feel unappreciated and overworked and underpaid. People who

work in companies that do not have a union are unpleased and feel that they are not being treated

well. Walmart has unhappy employees due to the fact they don’t have a union. Protesters fight

for equality within the company for a better overall workplace at Walmart. Some people wonder

why protesters don’t fight harder for better work conditions and for their opinions to be heard.

Walmart workers who are dissatisfied need to push for a union or force walmart to have a bigger

turnover rate. (Richard Vedder, Wedell Cox )

Walmart is a very convenient place to shop with low prices and good quality products.

Walmart has everyday household items as well as groceries making Walmart the ideal place to

shop. Woodforest banks are inside of Wal-Mart for shoppers to handle their financial affairs.

There is also a Subways and McDonalds inside their stores. Walmart also seems to be better for

our convenience all around. Wal-Mart has low prices which attract customers and keep them

coming back for their future needs. Wal-Mart has a pharmacy, a vision center, and a very large

lawn and garden area.

Sam Walton was a J.C. Penny sales and all he had was his ambitions and dreams. Walton

was determined to succeed in owning his own business. In 1962 Walton opened the very first

Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas. He did very well with that store and Sam knew he was on to

something. Walton felt good about his success so far, because business was growing and the

products were selling like hotcakes. Walton focused on selling his products at the lowest price in

town. In doing so he created a higher volume of sales at a lower profit margin. Walton had

displayed a form of genius with major benefits. In1985 Wal-Mart became the biggest retail

company in the U.S. Walton was also named the richest man in America. (Sam Walton, John

Huey ) By the 1990’s Walmart revenue grew to be 33 billion...

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