Walmart Vs Target: Which Company Does A Better Job Promoting Ebusiness And Ecommerce East Tennessee State University Essay

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Zach Peters
Management Information System (2018S)
Evaluation Assignment for Chapter 3
Walmart vs Target
Walmart and Target are both trying to find their own setting in the online market that is so heavily controlled by Amazon. A national research survey done shows that 75% of people say they do their online shopping at Amazon. Walmart ranks second, but only with 8% of the people in the survey said Walmart was their first online stop. The main reason surveyors sided with Amazon was because of their free shipping and their fast 2-day shipping policy. In order to compete with Amazon many retailers like Walmart and target have also adopted the free shipping and quick delivery process.
First impression of both websites is they are very similar. The first things that pop up are “free shipping” or “2-day delivery”. Along with that they advertise similar things. The first thing you have to do on both websites is choose the category of stuff you want to buy like: electronics, home décor, clothing, etc. The first difference that really stands out between the two websites is targets website is themed for valentine’s day, while Walmart’s website is the traditional blue and yellow and doesn’t mention anything about valentine’s day. Which I believe is a little odd because if you...

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