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On December 5, 1901, Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney gave birth to a man who would eventually change our world by the creation of a little mouse. Walter Elias Disney, who was also known as “Walt,” was born in a small town in Chicago, Illinois, by a father who was an Irish-Canadian descent, and his mother who was a German- English descent. Walt was one out of five children, four brothers and a sister. Their names were Herbert Arthur Disney, Raymond Arnold Disney, Roy Oliver Disney, and Ruth Flora Disney. Walt was the oldest one out of the five. While he attended school, he was introduced to Walter Pfeiffer, who decided to show Walt vaudeville and the art of making movies. Walt decided to ...view middle of the document...

So, he decided to create a new cartoon based on a pet mouse he had in his studio, and that`s how the legendary Mickey Mouse was brought into our lives.
The first cartoon to star Mickey Mouse was a silent film called “Plane Crazy,” but failed due to distribution. Their second film became an instant success, and it called “Steamboat Willie.” In 1932, Disney was given a special Academy Award for creating Mickey Mouse, which would launch spinoff cartoons for some of Mickey`s most familiar pals. The second successful cartoon was called “Orphan`s Benefit,” which starred Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck together. These were very successful releases, but Disney`s biggest was his first full-length animated movie called “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” where he earned eight million dollars on its first release. With that money, he was able to create Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California, where he continued to make more successful animated movies.
On a business trip in the 1940s, Disney and his crew began to draw sketches of ideas for a wonderful amusement park. He got the idea after visiting a park in Oakland. They wanted to build the park near the Walt Disney Studios, but the idea was so large that it couldn`t be done. Walt Disney spent five years designing and creating Disneyland Park. He wanted it to look like nothing else in the...

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