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Walt Disney World; A Look Into The Future Or The Past?

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Ever since I was a child, my family and I have been Disney fanatics. The Disney empire has created many amazing places, but my favorite location to visit is the Walt Disney World Resort. Every day 50,000 people from all over the world arrive at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida to experience the magic. When the park first opened its gates in 1971, 10,000 visitors made their way through. That number has multiplied five-fold and continues to multiply to this day. Since the 1971 opening, over 600 million people have experienced the magic of Disney. In my lifetime, I have visited the park with my family and friends six times. Each visit lasted four days in order to experience all the parks and their unique offerings. When I’m in Disney World, the experience each time is incredible.
Seeing that the name of the park is Walt Disney World, I think it’s only fair to talk about the legend himself. According to Valerie Childs, Walt Disney’s life was a ride to say the least. Born in 1901 in Chicago, Walter Elias Disney was the youngest of four boys. At five years old, the Disney family left the city of Chicago and moved to Missouri to run a farm. When the farm proved to be unsuccessful, the Disney family moved to Kansas City where Walt’s father bought a newspaper delivery business. Later, the Disney family moved back to Chicago, where Walt’s father continued in the newspaper business, while Walt worked in a factory in the city. It was at the newspaper that Walt met newspaper cartoonist Leroy Gossett who inspired Walt to use his imagination, and Walt quickly began drawing every chance he got. By the age of 18, Walt had moved back to Kansas City and got a job at the local art studio. Walt began work drawing classic series that are popular today such as Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. At the age of 22, Walt made the move to Los Angeles, California in order to put his talents to work. It was widely known that Los Angeles, more specifically Hollywood is where aspiring singers, dancers, producers, cartoonists and other entertainers start out their careers. With the majority of movie business located in Hollywood, Walt knew the most opportunities would be there. Walt lived near Hollywood with his uncle when he met Lillian Bounds, his future wife. After dating for two years, they married and started a life together. In 1928, Mickey Mouse was first created. As Disney himself puts it, “it all started with a mouse.”
It is crazy to think that Disney all started with one man and a mouse. The passion Walt Disney had is what drove Walt Disney World to be such a success. According to Forbes, as of May 2013, the Disney company is worth $103.96 billion and considered the 17th most valuable brand. In tribute to Walt’s brother Roy believing in him every step of the way, Walt dedicated Walt Disney World to Roy.
The 43 square mile plethora of magic includes four different parks. If you are feeling adventurous and in the mood for rollercoasters, then Hollywood Studios has...

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