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Walter Incident Essay

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SD: Security Dispatcher (Kelly Lydon)
S: Suspect (Chris Walter)

SD: Safety & Security
S: Yes, Hi, Good Afternoon. This is Chris Walter. My daughter is Dana Walter and apparently she’s been having some king of chaos going on over there with her roommate, it’s been going on for a while.
SD: Ok Sir, What building does your daughter live in?
S: She’s in that remote building over by that reservoir
SD: Falls?
S: I forget the name of the building, it’s the one that’s the woman’s medical center, that’s been changed over.
SD: Okay, It’s the Fall Center
S: Okay, Fall Center, very good. Now apparently the girl over there they were throwing stuff that wasn’t hers, throwing stuff messing up the ...view middle of the document...

If I come up there, I’m telling ya.
SD: Okay Mr. Walters
S: It needs to be dealt with; I want that girl’s stuff, she packing her stuff up. My daughter should not, she’s gonna have a meeting with Residence Life, My daughter. My daughter should not feel that she’s scared to death because that girl still got her key to that place and apparently she smoozes and smoozes over you security people because she was talking to them outside and heckling my daughter and her friends when they were coming out the door with your Security person standing there today, now I’m telling you right now I’m not going to tolerate it. You guys wanna tolerate and if daughters got a problem and she feels like coming home I’m gonna have to come up there and make sure she can stay. Get that girls stuff that she’s packing and put it in the safe room, don’t make my daughter go to a safe room. Put that girls stuff
SD: Okay Mr. Walter’s, what I can do. I will contact her RA and the Res Life staff that is on duty. Right now I’m the dispatcher here so I wasn’t down there to see what’s going on
S: Well I’m telling ya I’m aggravated. If I gotta drive there, its two hours for me, I’ll be there.
SD: What I’ll do is I will contact the res life staff on duty for them and let them know she is still uncomfortable and see what they can do. Maybe they can do the change of core if they removed the roommate out of the room.
S: She’s out she’s out right now she supposedly not able to come back in she still got a key because
SD: What I can do is, I can contact them to find out if there’s anyway that there can be a core change done for her room. Your daughter’s room, Dana Walters
S: That’s right
SD: and if there’s anything they can do to make sure that this other female that was involved in the incident is not allowed back in the building, I can’t I can only talk to the Res Life staff and find out what happened and if they want that we can find out what the girls name is that is not supposed to be in the building
S: I mean I can’t even imagine why this child has been allowed to even continue to keep her stuff in her room. The woman doesn’t go to the classes, if they check the records. She doesn’t go to the classes. She doesn’t even use a pass card to come into the room over there, she never comes there.
SD: Do you know what this girls name is or no?
S: Her name is Kayla, but I don’t know her last name.
SD: Okay what I’ll do is I’ll
S: I’m not going to stand for it and sit back and think that it’s alright I’m telling ya that
SD: I understand what you saying, what I can do is contact the RA on duty and have them contact the residential advisor on duty and we can see what we can do to see if they wanna core change for the room. Is your daughter in her room right now?
S: My daughter is in her room and
SD: What’s the room number so I know?
S: I can’t tell ya, I don’t know
SD: and your last name is spelled, W, A, L, T, E, R?
S: Yes no “S” that is correct
SD: Okay I just want to make sure.
S: I’m her...

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