Walter Laqueur's The New Terrorism Essay

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Walter Laqueur's The New Terrorism

The author of this text, Walter Laqueur, has produced written accounts of the history of terrorism, the origins of terrorism, modern terrorism, and the future of terrorism. Also included in this text among the smaller sections is the use of weapons of mass destruction, terrorist motives, and how terrorism is related to other outside influences.
The origins of terrorism were provided in early history through the acts of the sicari, a Jewish extremist faction. These were the first terrorist of history to use guerilla tactics that attacked other Jews. There were many groups to follow these pioneers of terrorism. Another group, the Order of the Assassins who spanned over the eleventh century. There were other groups around that time but they were considered secret societies.
The first to adopt the philosophy to use weapons of mass destruction were Karl Heinzen and Johann Most. These two men believed that killing was politically necessary. The odd thing is that they only wrote this and did not practice what they preached. Both these men were German radicals who moved to the U.S. to be able to publish their thoughts.
On to the early 1960’s terrorism was not limited to Europe. America and Japan experienced internal terrorism. Other countries that dealt with terrorism were Turkey and Palestine. Several other smaller Middle Eastern became involved with terrorist activities.
The U.S. terrorist problems came from the Black Panthers, a militant group comprised of young African-Americans, and the Weathermen, young middle-class whites. These two groups had very different motives behind their actions; The Black Panthers dealt with the struggles of the minority equality and advocated extreme violence. The Weathermen dealt with suburban boredom and struggled because they had identity crisis.
The use of weapons of mass destruction are classified in four groups; biological, chemical, nuclear and now the computer. At first the thought of the instant destruction of the planet due to a weapon was in fictional novels, but now they are a reality. The threat of this type of warfare has left the entire planet at a nuclear standoff. Everyone has a massively destructive weapons even, the smallest group that scraped up enough money. The U.S. is the only country to use these types of weapons twice in the same war against Japan.
The main terrorist motives are found when the battles are dealing with religion, madness, willingness to commit suicide, fanaticism, and certain types of personalities that feel terrorism is the last and only resort to persuade a government or large organization. Some of the personalities are political militants, extreme radicals, and those who are willing to their lives because they are fighting a sacred struggle. The terrorists that are willing to die can not be defeated. There are the softer types like the elitist, they exist in democratic societies and believe they know what...

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