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Wanting To Look Better. Essay

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Today men seem to be more concerned about their looks than they use to. In Patricia McLaughlin's "Venus Envy" Michael Pertschuk says "It's become more culturally accepted or expected for men to be concerned about their looks." (McLaughlin 85) Many guys are concerned with their clothes, hair, body and appearance and care about what others think of them. They might not be as concerned as girls, but they still worry about how they look and what others think of them.A reason why men might be more worried about their looks is that "men are more and more portrayed as sex objects." (McLaughlin 85) There are commercials, billboards and advertisements in magazines and newspapers with attractive half naked guys with amazing bodies. Men are starting to feel that this is what is expected of them and they need to live up to these expectations. They are starting to feel more pressured to take care of themselves and start worrying about their appearance.Attractive guys are usually thought of as big, muscular and athletic. Most male role models are athletes who are in excellent physical shape and have worked out and taken steroids for many years. Many men spend hours in the gym working out to have a great body. Men burn fat and build muscle easily, so it is not hard for them to look muscular and healthy. (McLaughlin 85) However, some also use steroids as a shortcut to a perfect body. Even knowing the dangerous side effects, steroid use among men, especially athletes, is on a continuous rise.Looks are significant in society. There is pressure on both males and females...

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