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War Against Terrorism Essay

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War Against Terrorism I took this article because I went to the CNN homepage and, no wonder, the first I saw was an article about the "new- or how the Talibans call it the holly war". So I chose to take it because I' m interested in all that what is gonna happen and what has already happen. Then now when I'm in the USA I can actualy talk with other people about this which are a part of this war, because in Switzerland we only see what happens on TV and nobody around you has got anything to do with it because Switzerland is a neutral state.I also took this articl because it has something to do with the last chapter about the foreign policy in the government book.This article is about the newest developments of the fight against terrorism from the Americans and from the fight against christianism, americanism and capitalism.It is not only about the attacks on Sunday and Monday, it is also about perhaps new acts of terrorism and the news in Americas defense-policy.In this article includes news from all over the world, for example from the Gazastrip where two Palestinians have been killed because they supported Osama Bin Laden and his attacks. It also says which countries support the USA and which country didn't like the military act from USA and Graet Brittain. It scares me a bit when I hear that there are countries from all over the world included because who knows what is gonna happen when it escaleids.It also shows statements from stateleaders and other famous politicians like Vladimir Putting, the President of Russia who said: "This time I think they [terrorists] miscalculated".I agree with this statement, but what I think is that this terrorists fight until they are dead And that no force on this earth will be able to destroy them all, because there will...

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1377 words - 6 pages ) acts. Wiping out a country’s economic foundation may be an action that would be expected as an act of war; a state-sponsored project in response to another states adversary nature, as we have demonstrated by employing economic sanctions in response to Saddam Hussein’s disregard for morality. But then I consider the causes and motives of terrorism I am aware of. Religious fanaticism and Post War conditions are obvious, but I worry

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1485 words - 6 pages use of the controversial tactic in the global war on terrorism. In addition to the numerous moral and legal ambiguities, there are significant doubts that targeted killings are effective in deterring and defeating terrorism. In Israel, targeted killings have often resulted in increased animosity, surges in violence, and provided a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations. Unfortunately, these effects are consequences of overusing the tactic

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629 words - 3 pages with the "cowardly acts" committed by a group of people against the government and citizens of either their own or foreign country. We have also begun to put faces to this one-dimensional definition, those being Osama Bin-Laden, Saddam Hussein, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban to name a few. With the influence of the U.S. the world has become defensive.We are now at war against terrorism. But how can we put an end to something that we cannot define? The

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861 words - 3 pages replaced with expectations of misery and ongoing fear.In recent times Religion has been the common denominator behind most terrorist attacks. It appears that wherever you find two religions living together, terrorism is a certainty. Ireland the detonation of cars and many other terrorist tactics have been used by the IRA against the British soldiers and Protestant people. This has fundamentally been a war between Catholics and Protestants

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1775 words - 8 pages Introduction Since the September 11th, 2001attack on the World Trade the world has never been the same again. The war on terrorism has witnessed unprecedented levels as resources continue to be invested for the course. The war on terrorism has also led to invasions in some places that the terrorists themselves do not exist and caused deaths. Noteworthy is the fact in the midst of the terror war, the Christian perspective has been barely audible

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829 words - 4 pages After the 9/11 attacks the word terrorism became etched in the worlds vocabulary. The word Terrorism immediately brings up images of bombings and hooded figures making demands on a home video. But when organizations tasked with defending against the treat of terrorism, begin to shape their operations, it also shape tire definition. The gathering and analysis of intelligence is the driving force in the Central Intelligence agency (CIA). So

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1866 words - 7 pages used to achieve that good. Before Khatchadourian spells out why terrorism is wrong, he defines what terrorism is, what causes terrorism, and what people believe terrorism to mean. With a working definition in place, Khatchadourian examines terrorism’s role in a just war and shows that terrorism is never just, even during war. With the assertion that terrorism, even during wartime is unjust, Khatchadourian analyzes the variations of innocence and

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2048 words - 8 pages foreign country done such a high magnitude of damage on Western lands. Unfortunately, the image of the burning twin towers is something that is simply ingrained in the heads of American citizens when the topic of terrorism is brought up, due to the fact that in essence the series of attacks on 9/11 were the commencement of the War on Terror. The 9/11 terrorist attacks began approximately at 8:46 AM, in which the first flight, Flight 11, collided