War And Realism And Constructivism Essay

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We have to understand as to why war is such a reoccurring event in the history of nation-states and also the nature of international affairs and the determining factors which cause action, reaction, cooperation, hostility and peace between states in the international system. War has always been a conflict between countries through the use of weapons. When nations decide to go on war against each other, millions of money are spent and it, and not only money and materials are wasted but it also cost hundreds to even millions of lives. Then, most of the time, not only military die but innocent people are also the ones losing their lives. The kill of people for whatever reasons such as ...view middle of the document...

Realism is the best perspective to explain my case because it was the dominant perspective used for the study of world politics in the twentieth century and that the world war II as a good example to this case shows that when realism emerged, it was one of the best perspective to explain the war and the world, but not only the United States were able to understand Hitler actions. In addition, realists think that the constant struggle involved in world politics is one of the results of anarchy. On the other side, realism theory defines peace as an absence of war and that it is possible only when states leaders follow their own narrowly defined national interests. This is why Europe and America have some interests on each others nations and even over Africa. Some countries that helps others countries during wars because one of them sees its interests or they share the same interests. For example, the Congo war where French only help Congo because Congo has a soil rich of mineral, but if Congo was a poor country the help would have been minimal or non-existent. Then another example is no war happen during the cold war because the US and USSR were rivals. Besides the fact that they were the two most powerful states after WW II, they both were spying on each other, competing and struggled to keep real trust because they were two greedy, and selfish nations that wouldn't to share power. As a result, they became enemies. Eventually, they did not go to war but there was a great hostility between them that threaten other parts of the world. Furthermore, because of it is a human nature to always make actors get what they want, this result to the fact that actors forget about others and think of themselves. After, 9/11 events, The US went to war in Afghanistan supposedly terrorism has destroyed many lives and it was for the world safety. Realists would analyze that as a pursuit of self-interests, a simple reason for a nation to invade another territory and to control them. It seems that realism explains that peace cannot exist under many powerful nations that share the same amount of power because it would obviously result in a struggle of power and that one would want to be the most powerful. Newman Bill says that realists look at actions and look for the consequences. Then he refers to when Kissinger wanted to reconstruct the international system after the Vietnam war to protect American national interests. So, one of the strongest argument of...

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