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War At Sea (World War 1)

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Throughout the war the British fleets were superior. This was probably due to its large empire.1914 The first naval battle was on August 28 when the British raided Heligoland Bight. British destroyers entered this German naval base and fired torpedoes but the Germans sent out cruiser ships, which were bigger and stronger. The destroyers retreated to open sea whilst being chased by the Germans and shot at by Battle ships.In September, submarine warfare began when German submarine U-9, sank 3 British cruisers. Meanwhile, 3 British cruisers pursued 3 rival cruisers to the coast of Chile where on November 1st, the Battle of Coronel took place. The Germans sunk 2 British cruisers without loosing 1 ship. When they heard of this the British Admiralty sent 2 more battle cruisers to sink the Germans, but they had gone to the Falkland Islands to raid a British wireless and coaling station. To their surprise they found a British squadron refuelling. The surprised, fleeing Germans were destroyed and 1,800 Germans died.In the Indian Ocean, the German ship Emden attacking small ports and sea-side villages (allies to the British) but later in the beginning of November was destroyed by an Australian cruiser.1915 On January 23rd, a German squadron went to raid the English coast, but the English had been warned, and sent a fleet to meet them. They met at Dogger Bank and the Germans fled. The British were faster and sunk one cruiser and their 2 flagships were damaged. Because of a misunderstanding of signals, the British attack was not as full on as it should have been so the remaining German ships escaped. The reason the Americans got involved, was when the cruise liner Lusitania was torpedoed twice and sunk. 1,198 people died, 124 of them Americans. On August 19th, the British liner Arabic was lost and 4 more Americans died.1916 The Battle of Jutland This was the only naval full-scale battle in World War 1. Neither side was prepared to loose this battle. On the 31st of May, the British Grand Fleet saw the full High Seas Fleet - 98 German ships...

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