War Brings Economic Problems, Loss Of Life And Suffering

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War is an interaction in which two or more opposing forces have a struggle of wills. It is by no means a stranger to us, even if we have not had the tragedy of having to live through it. Whether in movies or real life accounts or war experiences, we are well exposed to the horrors of human crimes, suffering and destruction. Many feel that such depictions are usually sensationalized in order to get an audience, but in my opinion, war can never by justified. Despite the common argument that war brings about liberalism, it saddles along economic problems, a loss of lives and sufferings.

The tremendous suffering that results from war is unimaginable. Innocent civilians are maimed or killed while the soldiers face irreparable physical and mental damage even years after the war. The effects of Agent Orange used in the Vietnam War more than twenty years ago are today still felt by many young children with enormous heads swollen from the inhalation of the gas. Many wars have been accompanied by significant depopulations. During the Thirty Years' War in Europe, for example, the population of the German states was reduced by about 30%. The Swedish armies alone may have destroyed up to 2,000 castles, 18,000 villages and 1,500 towns in Germany, one-third of all German towns. The kind of rampage that soldiers excited by blood lust, inflicted on the people during the infamous Nanking massacre is a testimony to how much suffering is unleashed during wars. How then can war ever be justified?

Furthermore, everything around us suffers when there is a war. The amount of resources and lives lost in both sides does not convince anyone that it is good to have a war. During the World Wars, both victors and losers spent years trying to recover from the devastation. This...

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