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War Changes Essay

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When you think about war you think about fighting, allies, and death. But the idea or even meaning of war is not the same as it was 150 years ago. The idea of war has and never will be based solely on skill or intellect. Sure they're not going to give an untrained man a gun but the idea of war is far more perplexed than just that. Its about honor, integrity, and discipline. War has not only changed over the past 150 years but in the 3 or 4 years that war is actually going on. People, weapons, and motives are all changing from the time the first boy takes a step onto the journey to finding himself. From the first face you see to the last everything changes some good, some bad but in the end ...view middle of the document...

Even when Cat died Paul didn’t grieve over him he just walked away like nothing had even happened. It was evident, in most of the men, that the effects of war had gotten into their heads and messed with their minds. This shows the decline in passion and feeling the troops had for one another.

To turn in a different direction enemy in war is viewed as the “bad guys” and they have to be stopped. But what happens when the soldiers realize that the “enemy” is the exact same as them. Of course they're not fighting for the same thing but their county might be going through the same thing as the “good guys”. Everyone gets affected by the war even the people sitting at home. They are starving and not being forced to use all means necessary to get food and supplies. As the war progresses both sides begin to realize the fact that they both have it bad. But of course they're not going to stop the war itself and just shake hands, there is a deep connection between both sides. Each side knows what it wants and how they need to get it without admitting the fact that they're in the same position as the other side. This creates a barrier, and when that barrier is broken both sides see the truth. In Alls Quiet on the Western front Paul and his friends meet up with some girls, on the enemy side, by bribing them with bread. They saw that they were in the same position as they were, with the lack of food. Also in red Badge of Courage Henry realizes that in the face of danger most living things will run away by...

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