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War Devices Essay

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War is an important event in a country’s history that has immense implications and changes its economic and social state. The leader of the country has an enormous pressure to persuade the people to gain the public’s support with their decision to either enter or avoid war. John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill were two great political leaders who knew how to persuade the people during a war crisis. During a time of great international turmoil and political instability, both men were in the world’s spotlight and played key roles. JFK was president during the time of the Cold War and wanted to show that not only did the United States want to extend neutrality and friendship to any ...view middle of the document...

Soviet Russia and the United States stood apart completely different in philosophies and future visions. Joseph Stalin, the communist leader of Russia, envisioned a Europe with the USSR government. He would erect demilitarization laws across the Eurozone to ensure his country’s dominance. Harry Truman, president at the time, wanted to help Europe instead of destroying it. He created munificent and generous plans to help Germany pay back reparations and wanted to reindustrialize Europe. Both countries, vying to be the world’s super power, refused peace talks and instead utilizes technological warfare advancement as a form of negotiation.
John F. Kennedy took office realizing that he needed to defuse the situation by calling measures for unity immediately. JFK effectively uses anaphora in his speeches to reconcile the world’s polarized views. Discussing the benefits of a coalition between Russia and the United States, J.F.K says: “Let us both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us. Let both side explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems, which divide us. Let both sides seek to invoke the wonder of sciences instead of its terrors.... Let both sides unite to heed in all corners of Earth the command of Isaiah to “undo the heavy burdens” and “let the oppressed go free”. The repetition of the phrase “Let us” is extremely effective as it creates a sense of unification. By using ‘us’ in his speech, JFK does not blame either the USA or Russia for the cause of the Cold War; he accedes that the issue was started by both sides. Instead of asking one side to change, Kennedy starts by asking both sides to be collaborative and to ignore past tension between the countries. He urges that both sides can use the wonder of sciences to help the citizens of the world instead of for terrorizing people. The multiple use of the phrase drives in the main idea that unification is a viable option that will reap much return.
Another device that JFK successfully employs in his speech is the use of rhetorical questions. To bolster his message of unity, JFK directly addresses the world by saying: “Can we forge against these enemies a grand and global alliance, North and South,...

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