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War HorseThe movie begins with the protagonist Albert Narracott who witnessed the birth of a Bay Thoroughbred colt and decided to buy it with his father at an auction to the dismay of his friends. Ted, Albert's father bought the colt at such a high price, his family had no money left to pay the landowner and thus was forced to make Albert cultivate the fields with his new horse, Joey. The time they spent together brought them very close and they became best friends. At this time Albert taught Joey several tricks, one of them being to return to him when Albert imitates owl noises. Several weeks pass and ...view middle of the document...

Before the captain left with Joey, Albert placed one of his dad's pennant to Joey's bridle. Joey and his new found friend, Topthorn, worked in the military operations. Both horses were captured by the Germans in a battle in France where Captain Nicholls was killed. Two brothers tried to escape by riding the two horses to Italy but were caught and executed. A young orphaned French girl named Emilie found the two horses and took care of them. But the Germans who ransacked the farm for food found the two horses and took them away. By 1918, Albert finally enlisted with the British, and miraculously survived a gas explosion. Topthorn died from exhaustion while Joey survived years of military service, and was even called a "miraculous horse" when he successfully survived a battle, ran into no-man's land with tangled barbed wire, and freed from it by a British soldier. Joey was reunited with Albert in the British medical camp when the latter even with his eyes blindfolded able to identify Joey's markings. Albert regained his eyesight on the same day and hour the war ended on November 11, 1918 on the 11th hour. Emilie's grandfather who bought Joey in the auction decided to return the horse to the pleading Albert as a better tribute to the memory of Emilie. The story ended with Albert and his horse returning to the farm to the elder Narracott.Bibliography"War Horse Movie Analysis" StudyMode.com. 10 2012. 2012. 10 2012

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