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Over centuries of evolution, humans have thought of animals or the “beasts of nature” as nothing more than just “tools” that assist us in our daily lives. But has this mentality become more compelling in terms of the value of life between species in the 21st century that is today ? It says so otherwise in Steven Spielberg’s The War Horse, as he starts the film off with the birth of a magnificent, thoroughbred horse named Joey and the appearance of a bright, young man named Albert Narracott. We follow the lives of these two characters and observe all the hardships and intricate relationships made , while frequently glancing at the strength of the bonds created between man and horse in the film. We soon learn that the horses in the story resemble more than just a tool/weapon, but also symbolize more of the humanity of humans and the way humans thought, acted, and felt during World War I.
Firstly , Spielberg starts off the film with elegant and open scenery of wide open fields with green grass and tall hills in the beginning scene to symbolize a sense of freedom to the audience. This way of using the setting, allows viewers to have a glimpse at one of the meanings/roles that horses in the film played, which was to symbolize freedom . The main horses, Joey and Topthorne, played several major parts roles in helping humans escape the reality of the a situation. An example of this is during the scene where Michael Schröder was beingis separated from his brother Gunther Schröder in the army, which prevents either of them from protecting each other and coming home both alive to their mother, as they promised to her . Michael, at the time, had only one way of escapinge to freedom, and that was the horses. He did not care about the consequences of being deserters deserting in the army and accepted it as long as he and his brother were both alive. As the plan was executed, both Michael and Gunther had escaped on Joey and Topthorne. This supports the horses being somewhat of a lifeline to the Schröder brothers’ freedom at that moment in time, and reassuring the chance that they both will live to the end of the war, thus preserving the humanity of both the Schröder family if the two boys live.
Continuing on , although the Schröder brothers may have escaped but was then caught, the reality of them having brought the horses to the farm owned by a girl named Emilie, turned out to be in good favor, as another person will benefit from the presence of Joey and Topthorne themselves, thus supporting the role of freedom that the horses played in this film . In this scene, Emilie first discovers Joey and Topthorne in the windmill on her farm. She immediately takes a liking to the two and even begins to train them. We are shown many scenes of happiness between her and the horses , helping the audience relieve the stress from the previous war scenes, and how once again another bond between a complete stranger and a horse forms . Ever since the horses’ appearance,...

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