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War In Afghanistan Essay

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On other fronts however there are scars. Here in America there is little tangible evidence of the war, no visible scars besides the ones involving processions of caskets coming from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. The mentality though remains. People are tired of this war; they have lost the patriotic spirit that had been created after 9/11. With the war reaching a decade people are losing hope and faith in the government. They are losing the desire to continue in their support for the war. People have taken negative viewings to Muslims as well because of this war and have become very aggressive over those coming from the Middle East and of Islamic origins even if they have been citizens ...view middle of the document...

To counteract terrorism will take a long time and may anger more Americans. Obama has stated that the global war on terror will still continue on after the war in Afghanistan. Furthermore, “Obama should push for a dramatically more ambitious program in Afghanistan that allows a bigger civilian presence in government” (Miller) instead of the U.S. installed central government. How to help problems here at home will be difficult. First, You don’t end a war by encouraging people to ignore it” (Chandrasekaran). This means the government should become more forth coming to the war effort and more supportive of it than simply trying to forget. The people want the war to end so the best course of action is to not escalate the conflict and start to remove the troops and finish this conflict whatever the consequences.
The United States is weary of a war that has lasted for a decade. The United States has been in Afghanistan since 2001 and has achieved very little success in this amount of time. The people, the foundation of the United States of America, are tired and weary of a war. They want this war to end; they have not seen any successes only the death tolls of the soldiers. They see schools, hospitals being blown up, they see the fact that the terrorists and the insurgents have the upper hand over our soldiers who are trying to protect not only the civilians but also themselves. It has also been a costly war. Not only in deaths but also in financially, it has cost billions of dollars not only in the defense budget but also in the reorganization of the Afghan government.
The United States only went to war over high strong emotions. We were attacked and as such our rage, our anger and our grief forced us into a war that in otherwise would never have occurred. This war was not out of necessity or out of interest as such this war will never be favorable or looked upon highly. President George W. Bush brought us into Afghanistan a month after 9/11 which means that his...

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