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War In North West Pakistan Essay

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Conflicts: definition, types and reasons.
Today's issue of the newspaper is dedicated to one of the international conflicts. But what does the word conflict actually means? A conflict can be defined as a fight, a battle or a struggle, especially a prolonged struggle; a strife, if the sides are fighting for resources. Some conflicts are described as a discord of action, feeling, or effect; antagonism or opposition, as of interests or principles, if the sides are fighting for ideas and morals.
There are two main types of conflicts: conflicts of interest and conflicts of values. If you meet the phrase conflict of values, it means that this conflict is about respect, honesty, responsibility, trust or something with spiritual, religious or moral aspect. If you face an expression conflict of interest, you should define it as a conflict of resources (money, weapon, people, etc.).
But how do all these conflicts begin? What are the reasons for all conflicts? The majority of conflicts are based on the struggle for resources, especially if they are limited, unjustified expectations, clash of opinions on any issue and distrust. Sometimes the conflicts can appear because of the misunderstanding between the sides. And now we move from theory to practice. (Vadim)
The armed conflict in the North-West Pakistan
It all started back in 2004, when already-existing tensions surrounding the Pakistani Army’s manhunt for al-Qaeda members in Waziristan developed into an armed resistance by Islamist militants made up by local tribesmen. Manpower and resources became almost non-existent in the country after the war, having a long-term effect on the national economy. Formal troops were deployed by the Pakistani Army during the aftermath of Battle of Tora Bora, something the conservative party Pakistani Muslim League did not take very well. (Sindre)
Sides of the conflict
The main conflict started out after that the terrorist group (al-Qaeda) bombed the twin towers in New York on September 11th. America’s reaction to that was that they would go inside Afghanistan to get rid of the terrorist group. However, when the US military went into Afghanistan the radical Islamists started fleeing back to Pakistan where they originated from.
The official Pakistani government says that they are against the radical Islamist terrorists, but it’s not really the way it actually was. The Pakistani Government looked through its fingers when there was another radical Islamist group that was sympathizing all-Qaeda. Many American drones have been bombing the Pakistani ground in order to get rid of the islamist terrorists that are helping one another. The war has many other sides to it, but this is the main conflict that had a legitimate excuse for being there. (Nikita)
How can the conflict be solved?
It is very difficult to think about a solution, because it’s a long-term conflict (the war started in 2004 and it is still going); and there are many details and aspects about this conflict to...

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