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War in the FalklandsFact: April 2, 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland IslandsAt 4:30 A.M., helicopters had started to land on Mullet Creek; they were the first of the many invaders from Argentina. At 6:08 A.M., an attack was at full fledge. The Argentina government had claimed that they told their men it was to be a bloodless fight, but that was not the case. Argentineans busted down barrack doors and began to throw powerful grenades into the barracks and killing many unsuspecting men.Fact: February 26, 1982, The war could have been preventedOn February 1982, there was supposed to be a meeting where the British government would hold a meeting with the Argentinean government to talk about preventing the war. This was a two-day event in New York, the first day the Argentineans were to host the meeting, but there was a glitch in planning, and the dates were to be changed. The leaders were under so much pressure, that some said they were going to breakdown. What basically happened at the meeting, was that both sides could not come to agreement. This resulted in a war.Nobody really knew who owned the Falkland Islands. Some thought Spain, Argentina thought they owned it, and Britain thought they owned it. No agreements could be made.Fact: The war of the Falklands was a perfect opportunity to unleash state of the art weapons on the opponents.Later, after the first invasions, some messages went out over the radios. The first ones told people of a small invasion, then they began broadcasting from live sights, complete with gun fire in the background.There were a lot of battles that went on between the British and the Argentineans. The British won some, and the Argentineans won others. They were all fighting for the Falklands. These were a group of small islands that were all bunched up. You could not use the islands for much, seeing as that they were craggy mountains. That would not make for very productive farm land, but there were a...

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