War Is On The Tip Of The Bush Administrations Tongue.

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War is on the tip of the Bush administrations tongue. War is to be declared on Iraq because of their refusal to let weapon inspectors in, to search for weapons of mass destruction. President Bush has been waiting for the United Nation's Security Council top put their foot down and mandate a strict weapons program for Iraq, because Iraq breached past resolutions that were made he feels Sadaam Hussein, the Iraqi leader, can't be trusted. While this is true there are some countries that think this has not reached a height where war needs to be mentioned, such countries are China, Russia, and France. They believe there has been no threat made to our security. If there were to be war between Iraq and America- and allies there would be much bloodshed. America probably would win but at the cost of many lives, and at the cost of tax- payers. Also it would threaten the safety of Americans, because this war would be without the blessing of the United Nations, meaning they will not have many of the allies they had during the Persian Gulf War.This is an issue that has everyone across the world on the edge of his or her seats. In the United States Government this issue further divides the Democrats and Republicans. President Bush is Republican so of course, the Republicans are behind him. In the article "Aiming to Disrupt Diplomacy, Iraq Risks War By Rejecting Plan", Patrick E. Tyler in the New York Times, September 25, 2002, there were many points why war with Iraq should be in the near future. Patrick E Tyler states how Sadaam Hussein tries to "corrupt the Bush administration while President Bush is trying to consult with China, Russia and France, making the Bush administration look as though they are just out to get Sadaam Hussein. However, it was noted that Baghdad believes this would backfire on Iraq because it shows the country's refusal to comply with the weapons program, making it easier for military action to be taken. Tyler also states how this will make critics agree with the Bush administration for wanting to overthrow Hussein. Iraq has really lost the trust of the United States because of past breaches of other weapons programs and the refusal to let the inspectors back in. Britain agrees with President Bush and it says it is really considering "inspections and mass destruction weapons destroyed or destroy the regime" the British is prepared to give Iraq an ultimatum of cooperate or prepare for war. Despite the strong reasons for war to be declared not everyone agrees with the idea. Particularly, because it isn't known what type of weapons exactly Iraq holds, Tyler said, three four star generals...

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